InterSystems: New Generation Database Technology

Phillip T. Ragon CEO, Founder, & Owner
Driven by an unquenchable demand for IT services and data insights, along with the proliferation of new data sources and formats, organizations today are embracing new and improved DBMS technology. As the conduit, by which data is stored, managed, secured, and served to applications and users, DBMS is assisting organizations to gain unprecedented heights. Based in Cambridge, MA, InterSystems offers advanced DBMS and a rapid application development to make breakthroughs in processing and analyzing complex Big Data. Caché, developed by InterSystems, builds web and mobile applications that uniquely offers lightning-fast performance, massive scalability, and robust reliability with minimal maintenance and hardware requirements.

Being the new generation of database technology, Caché provides multiple modes of data access. Through Caché, data is only described once in a single integrated data dictionary and is instantly available using object access, high-performance SQL, and powerful multidimensional access—all of which can simultaneously access the same data.

InterSystems understands that big data applications should be able to ingest large amounts of data very quickly, model the complex data, and provide multiple ways of viewing and using the data. Caché offers fast performance, even as it scales to handle huge volumes of data, multiple cores, and large numbers of servers in distributed systems. In addition, Caché enables users to run real-time queries against transactional systems, and perform analytics on both structured and unstructured data. The product includes an application server with advanced object programming capabilities, the ability to easily integrate with a wide variety of technologies, and an extremely high-performance runtime environment with unique data caching technology.
Caché has an ultra-efficient multidimensional data engine making it an ideal tool for handling the rich and complex data types used by today’s applications. The data engine uses “sparse arrays” that result in Caché-based applications, requiring less hardware than applications built on traditional relational databases. As a single, unified platform for application development, Caché eliminates all the problems that arise if users try to assemble their environment from disparate pieces. The product also supports several advanced technologies for high availability and rapid disaster recovery, particularly capability for database mirroring.

In an instance, Navantia—a military shipbuilder based in Spain— developed and deployed an Integrated Platform Management System called COMPLEX‚ built using InterSystems’ Caché object database. Navantia realized that naval ships not only are highly capable vessels‚ they also have multi-faceted and immensely complicated information systems. COMPLEX enables integration of standard functions by extracting information from the shipyard’s design and construction data to enhance the onboard operational systems. The client opted for Caché’s access speed and massive storage capacity allowing real-time data to be incorporated into the historical database without degrading application performance.

InterSystems today have gone beyond traditional databases by incorporating a rich environment for developing sophisticated browser-based applications. Embedded technologies like DeepSee, iKnow, Zen, and Zen Mojo allow the company to rapidly develop valuable data and build sophisticated desktop applications. Apart from developing a breakthrough application, the company consistently provides clients with unique data management environment, giving them competitive advantages for the years to come. “By constantly emphasizing integrity, respect and service to clients, we have created a place where people wish to work,” concludes Phillip T. Ragon, CEO, Founder, and Owner of InterSystems.


Cambridge, MA

Phillip T. Ragon CEO, Founder, & Owner

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