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Omer Uyar, CEO
Expanding digitization is changing the face of banking across the enterprise landscape as financial institutions adopt modern technologies to fuel growth and optimize operations. Apart from being heterogeneous, banking industry face issues related to integration, slow time to market (TTM), and high total cost of return. Established in 1987, Intertech aims at alleviating these concerns by providing cutting-edge solutions with customer centricity, increasing operational efficiency, and enabling faster TTM. The company has an agile structure that adapts to rapidly changing dynamics of the banking sector. For more than a quarter-century, Intertech has gained a lot of experience in creating next-generation integrated solutions and services by using the most recent technologies for the customers who want to have much more competitive advantages in the market.

Intertech’s flagship product inter-Vision suite includes more than 40 products that cover all main banking functionalities and systems, including alternative distribution channels. “In today’s market conditions, inter- Vision provides customers with the ability to preserve and enhance brand equity. By means of such an integrated banking environment, customers can perform, measure, analyze, and restructure their services, pursuing new business opportunities,” affirms Omer Uyar, CEO, Intertech.

“Our mission is to understand the business needs of our customers in depth and provide them with value-added IT solutions with high speed, high quality, and cost-effective features to support their growth in a very competitive environment,” says Uyar. The company has developed four Core Banking Packages that are used in many domestic and international banks. Intertech offers a wide array of solutions which are offered through their specialized working areas—Core Banking, Business Process Management (BPM), Alternative Distribution Channels Management (ADC), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Business Intelligence (BI).
The company also offers expertise on factoring and leasing applications. “We focus on innovative mobile applications and social media banking plat¬forms such as Facebook and Twitter banking,” adds Uyar.

Furthermore, in today’s versatile banking environment, BPM is an approach to automate complex processes across multiple solutions, business units, and trading partners using software solutions. In a process-rich industry like banking, BPM can play an extremely critical role to help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve staff productivity. The inter-Vision BPM suite enables customers to manage their organization by responding to the needs of their processes in a more effective and reliable way with less labor. This way, automation of business processes becomes standard as the operational risks descend to minimum.

In a very short time, Intertech has implemented its core banking application, inter-Vision, to the newly established bank, Bank Audi which was later renamed as Odeabank. Thus, the bank has adapted to the local regulations, requirements, products and banking environment easily. The time to market was improved remarkably and Odeabank became an important player in banking sector. The Albaraka participation (Islamic) bank in Turkey decided to transform their existing core banking platform and Intertech made the transformation happen seamlessly. Because Intertech has extensive knowledge and experience in the banking sector, it performed the transformation in a successful way and decreased operational costs.

In the coming years, Intertech plans to make investments in new technologies especially in mobile, social media banking, and big data. “Our vision is to get to the primary position among our competitors with different products and services in the international market,” concludes Uyar.


Istanbul, Turkey

Omer Uyar, CEO

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