InterVision:Empowering Data Storage and Management with Net App

Jeff Kaiser, Chairman and Co-founder
The increasing amount of data in businesses today needs to be stored, managed, and protected well. As businesses continue to evolve and grow, they employ a number of data storage and management systems, which not only increase IT budget but also hamper the pace of business processes. InterVision Systems Technologies, the Santa Clara-based firm, collaborates with NetApp to address this issue. “InterVision provides a single source to manage data infrastructure by leveraging NetApp storage and data management solutions,” says Jason Gress, President and Co-Founder, InterVision. InterVision’s expertise rests in NetApp solutions like FlexPod converged architecture, Clustered Data ONTAP, Backup and Recovery, and Disaster Recovery environments.

For instance, the FlexPod solution is a converged infrastructure platform, composed of pre-sized storage, designed to ease the IT transformation from virtualization to cloud computing with maximum efficiency and minimal risk. It has a single window for management and supports all kinds of customer applications. FlexPod reduces the risk associated with implementing complex technology. The engineering effort by NetApp makes it simple to understand the best way to meet customer needs.

By navigating through the complexities of storage, InterVision designs and implements a storage architecture that meets unique requirements with the help of engineering staff having specific expertise around the NetApp offerings. InterVision follows an application-centric approach to ensure that the most critical application workloads have the storage performance and capacity needs. The company reviews existing storage architecture, application performance, availability needs, and business requirements. Then InterVision applies tiered storage to match data sets with the appropriate storage systems as well as to maintain application performance, while reducing overall costs. Until date, InterVision has completed over 1,000 enterprise storage deployments with NetApp technologies. The organization has system engineers with top technical certifications including NCDA, NCIE, NAIP, NASA, and NASVP. They provide specialized training and certifications in Clustered ONTAP (cDOT).

InterVision provides a single source to manage data infrastructure by leveraging NetApp storage and data management solutions

InterVision offers an effective backup and protection plan to recover quickly from a disruption irrespective of its size or cause. They put forward considerable NetApp expertise to design and implement backup and recovery systems for global IT environments. The company’s systems and storage experts work from planning to implementation. They assess the relative risk of downtime and determine critical applications and data that need protection and select the right architecture and replication technologies provided by NetApp to meet business requirements. In addition, InterVision designs a solution that leverages Internet and WAN to maintain up-to-date copies of data at different locations. With the help of NetApp technology, the company also prepares failover mechanisms so that business operations prolong in the event of a failure at a location.

Founded in 1993, InterVision houses experts with profound talents across domain who have the ability to understand how the technologies work together and help articulate value propositions to the decision makers. They leverage their specialized expertise and apply for proven best practices to recommend the right services for the right environment. These experts are constantly testing and validating the latest technologies in their technology lab.

With more than 20 years of experience, InterVision has a unique approach to work. The company thoroughly assesses the environment and then proceeds towards design, procure, install, integrate, and support phase to offer the right solution for the end-users across industries to meet growing business requirements. “We are constantly forging new alliances with emerging technology vendors. We are excited about the future necessities, and are innovating continuously,” ends Jason.


Jeff Kaiser, Chairman and Co-founder and Santa Clara, CA

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