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Dr. Yulun Wang, Founder, Chairman & Chief Innovation Officer
Telehealth and telemedicine are emerging as critical elements to the effective delivery of healthcare. They are quickly evolving and offer proactive care, improved outcomes, greater distribution of limited providers, and cost effectiveness throughout healthcare systems. “Society needs a consistently high quality healthcare system where everybody has access to effective care that aligns with an affordable cost structure,” postulates Dr. Yulun Wang, Founder, Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer of InTouch Health.

This new trend holds true as it brings value through a unique ability to facilitate remote visits with patients, immediate access to healthcare professionals, health monitoring capabilities, and real-time access to health data. InTouch Health, a Santa Barbara, CA based company, is committed to improving clinical outcomes through its complete solutions package throughout the clinical continuum, from high acuity applications including tele-stroke, to the management of chronic care or rehabilitation outside the hospital’s four walls. InTouch Health’s cloud based infrastructure is the only solution with Class II cleared FDA applications, including active patient monitoring, that is managed with global state-of-the-art network operation centers.

InTouch offers a robust telehealth network connecting thousands of healthcare providers to their patients, and enables hospital systems to deploy telehealth services across the enterprise, well beyond the traditional hospital setting. “Our telehealth network infrastructure is unique as it allows our 6,000 users with a mobile device to download our application and get connected to 1,500 hospitals in just minutes for efficient healthcare and assistance,” explains Dr. Wang.

The company’s telehealth platform enables intimate interactions between provider and patient by combining video, audio, and robotics technologies, helping doctors to analyze a patient for acute and emergent events. The solution enables the use of a wide variety of connected devices to assist in clinical evaluation, high definition cameras that are controlled by the remote physician, clinical workflow solutions that manage notation during consults, and access to the hospital’s proprietary PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) clinical images.
Also included is robust business intelligence data acquisition that institutions routinely use to measure the success of their telemedicine program.

“Telehealth is clearly a cornerstone technology solving various challenges like high cost of healthcare services, improved outcomes, patient satisfaction and active patient monitoring, in situations requiring immediate clinical action,” adds Dr. Wang. To support the telehealth software platform, and deploy seamless services and effortless online consultations, InTouch Health provides a suite of clinically designed FDA-cleared devices which successfully help hospitals scale physician access across the entire continuum of care.

The firm’s mastery in developing and deploying effective and innovative healthcare delivery models has assisted many neuroscience centers to save lives by providing timely access to specialist care and assistance—especially true in the case of stroke patients. Larger healthcare providers including Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and HCA, have reduced the incidence of long-term disability of their patients and improved patient’s quality of life by implementing tele-stroke solutions. “From the beginning of our partnership, through the implementation and education, InTouch has always been there by our sides helping us achieve our goals in the telemedicine landscape,” says Pamela Kolb, Executive Director, Farber Institute for Neuroscience, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Over the past year, InTouch Health has effectively broadened its offering to include other specialties including: Behavioral Health, Neonatology, Tele-ICU, Specialty Transport, Pediatrics, ED, Tele-stroke, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Tele-isolation and Tele-training.

The InTouch Health telehealth system has enabled more than 800,000 telemedicine consultations, through their telehealth network and services, supporting more than 6,000 clinicians, at 1,500 clinical locations in over 130 health systems. In the near future InTouch intends to leverage its telehealth platform to more broadly serve the healthcare arena across a wider variety of clinical applications.

InTouch Health

Santa Barbara, CA

Dr. Yulun Wang, Founder, Chairman & Chief Innovation Officer

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