Intraboom: The All-In-One Collaboration Platform

Christine Ziebell, Founder and CEO
Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. And so it was when Christine Ziebell was inspired to create Intraboom, a cloud-based platform that combines all the internal and external communications and collaboration tools businesses need in one application.

Motivated by the frustrating and time-consuming task of constantly switching between different communications tools, Christine decided to develop a collaboration, communication, and file sharing solution that would be both powerful and simple to use.

“Back when I worked as an attorney and in legal business development, I used a lot of IT systems, including intranets and extranets, project management tools, instant messaging, and file sharing solutions. I was surprised that no one had put these tools together in one place,” says Christine, Founder and CEO of Intraboom.

Intraboom empowers businesses of all sizes to communicate and collaborate more effectively and more efficiently. The subscription service includes the entire toolset project managers need to facilitate team communication and manage project collaboration between team members—inside and outside of the organization.

Through utilization of the platform’s Dashboard, Bulletin, Group Calendar, Tasks, Files, Gallery, Contacts, Discussions, and Messages features, users can seamlessly switch between projects without having to enter different login information each time.

According to Christine what makes Intraboom different from other collaboration tools on the market is that Intraboom is extremely simple to use, even for non-technical users. While most competitors target IT professionals and focus on integrating different tools, Intraboom’s incorporation of tools into a single product saves time and improves efficiency. Unlike competitors’ products, Intraboom is designed for the end user rather than for the IT professional.

“If we compare ourselves to other collaboration tools out there, Intraboom believes in simplicity. Ease of use and simplicity are at the core of what we do,” Christine adds. And Christine says simplicity is the key to team members adopting it. “A collaboration tool that does not motivate people to use it is useless.”

If we compare ourselves to other collaboration tools out there, Intraboom believes in simplicity. Ease of use and simplicity are at the core of what we do

And project managers and team members are not the only ones who benefit from the simple all-in-one concept of Intraboom. Clients, who are used to being kept out of the loop, can now be a part of the discussion and can be brought into the project as needed, without seeing project details that are not intended for them.

Despite its simplicity, Intraboom boasts powerful messaging features, including texting capability. With the variety of communications tools included in the platform, Intraboom makes it easy to reach team members , whether they are across the office or half-way around the world.

As an attorney, Christine knows the importance of keeping clients’ information confidential and secure, which is why Intraboom was developed from the get-go with security in mind. To maximize data security, Intraboom applies encryption and hosts its solution on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Customer response to the product has been very positive. BlueGreen, LLC, for one, has multiple ongoing projects with many parties involved in each. The company had tried other collaboration tools with lackluster adoption rates because of their complexity, and trying to keep everyone up to date using email was a dismal failure. After signing up with Intraboom, BlueGreen experienced a 50 percent reduction in the number of daily emails and reported that keeping everyone in the loop was no longer a problem.

As for future plans, Christine revealed that, while Intraboom was created with mobile in mind (with full functionality on all mobile browsers), the company is developing a native mobile app, slated for release in January. Also in the works are some new exciting features, such as video conferencing.


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Christine Ziebell, Founder and CEO

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