IntraFind: Intelligent ‘Insight Engine’

Franz Kögl, CEO
Enterprise search solutions, with their ability to provide easy access to comprehensive business data, perform as an ‘Insight Engine’ enhancing workforce productivity and business efficiency. These Insight Engines support users in interrelating and interpreting information, augmenting the value of data and provide smart full-text search in any content stored in NetApp File services, of course. Spearheading enterprise search innovation with enterprise search, universal search, and insight engine solutions is IntraFind. The company’s solution, iFinder5 elastic, goes beyond metadata or catalogue search that makes full-text content findable, unveils hidden relations, and is powered by a complete technology stack for content analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). As a NetApp certified solution, iFinder5 elastic offers intelligent full-text search in NetApp File services using the fpolicy-service. “Many NetApp customers have stored huge amount of data and information on NetApp file systems. iFinder5 elastic for NetApp provides users access to the comprehensive information and knowledge stored on NetApp while complying with access rights,” says Franz Kögl, CEO of IntraFind.

iFinder5 elastic is a powerful solution that comprises of an intuitive and easyto- use web user interface (UI) and can be scaled easily for high performance requirements. “The synchronous correspondence between NetApp data and the search engine enables realtime search in current data files and intelligent hit lists, depicting relevant and correlating information as the top search results.” IT administrators benefit from seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure, from simple management and high scalability. Clients also get an added advantage of easy implementation through installation scripts and a best practice approach to index the data off the NetApp file share. IntraFind has overcome one of the biggest issues experienced during indexing large file shares, recognizing changes to the file share almost immediately with ultra-fast indexing by connecting NetApp Data ONTAP. From a security standpoint, iFinder5 elastic for NetApp displays only authorized documents to the user in the hit list. Features such as intelligent ‘Autocomplete’ or ‘Did You Mean’ present information from documents and data authorized to the user while checking all the information displayed in the UI.

iFinder5 elastic for NetApp provides users access to the comprehensive information and knowledge stored on NetApp while complying with access rights

Since 2000, IntraFind has been combining powerful search with stateof- the-art content analytics. With years of experience under their belt, the company serves the content analytics needs for numerous clients. In one instance, Bizerba SE & Co., a specialist in industrial weighing and labeling technologies, faced the issue of long service request times as finding relevant information was a tedious and timeconsuming task. Using the iFinder5 elastic with its leading-edge technology and a world-class standard feature set, helped Bizerba in finding the right answer 10 times faster, outperforming the initial ROI calculation, saving an average of 10 minutes per service call. The solution also provided features to handle large service documents including hit highlighting and matching pages selection.

Besides providing turnkey solutions and products, IntraFind offers integration components to partners and customers alike. Although the iFinder5 elastic has a very powerful user interface, IntraFind enables customers to integrate the solution with their applications. IntraFind facilitates decision making by offering clients with a wide range of user interfaces from the comprehensive dashboard with multiple integration to a simple user interface. Besides, they also offer interfaces that can be tailored according to the IntraFind services architecture. With more than 1,000 customers, IntraFind is set to expand their global footprint, exploring the U.S. market along the journey.


Munich, Germany

Franz Kögl, CEO

Provides intelligent, highly scalable and high performance full-text and cognitive search solution for quick access to information