IntraMart: Providing High Quality Resources at Value Pricing

Greg Schmidt, CEO
IntraMart was initiated in October of 1997 by Greg Schmidt, a Silicon Valley consultant striving for a new way of thinking with each and every project encountered. Although it was initiated as a Data Warehousing company, IntraMart rapidly enhanced its service offerings to include Business Intelligence, data integration (ETL), eLearning, and application development and maintenance. In addition, IntraMart has trained college interns as well as managed and sponsored intern programs for large corporations.

IntraMart's very first customer was General Electric. "GE embraced our vision and methodology and the company rapidly grew by leaps and bounds to an annual $4m in revenue in the first two years of business" adds Schmidt. Since then IntraMart has not looked back and has expanded its service offering throughout the US and Mexico. In 2003 Alberto Jimenez joined IntraMart, an account manager from a leading Mexico consulting company to run the operations in Mexico. "We are now global," Schmidt added, "so we began offering near-shore services to our customers."

With now over 16 years of proven service experience and over 20 customers throughout US and Mexico, IntraMart has successfully been providing services for large companies like General Electric, PetSmart, Charles Schwab, Intel, IBM, Corona, Banorte – Generali, Blood Systems, and countless government entities. Helping these companies manage monumental implementations, software applications upgrades, and providing dashboards and tools to monitor and turn companies around on a dime.
The company has partnered with companies like Microsoft, Microstrategy and Informatica, to strengthen its service base and certify its associates in these industry leading tools. "Our partners and clients are extremely impressed with how much of our budget is invested right back into our talent. After all, they are the company and must be encouraged and mentored to keep up with the changing times" says Schmidt.

IntraMart works very close with universities to identify the next wave of computer scientist and data scientist to arm these graduates with skills and tools of today's technology. These technologies support every aspect of business from gathering key performance indicators (KPIs), to the development of Business Intelligence interactive dashboards.

The company's mission is to continue to partner with customers and help find better ways to manage and monitor their data. It is achieving this by giving them the ability to measure any key data that moves in their business and anything that does not move, simply by clicking the mouse.

In the near future IntraMart has plans of expanding to more global markets in order to accommodate a more agile development life cycle. With successful trials of around-the-clock development methodology, IntraMart is imagining where North America shifts can hand-off the development around the globe using a new agile methodology, thus cutting development and delivery life cycle by as much as 50 percent without increasing cost.


Scottsdale, AZ

Greg Schmidt, CEO

A provider of Business Intelligence and Custom Application Development in the US and Mexico