IntraSystems: Resolving Complex IT Environment with Citrix Support

James Hanrahan, President & Founder
With the best-in-class cloud, collaboration, mobile, networking and virtualization technologies, Citrix has been instrumental in transforming the IT ecosystem to deliver efficiency, agility and growth for enterprises. However, with numerous mergers and acquisitions in the Citrix partner ecosystem, many companies are facing uncertainty, regarding the resources and support. As a Citrix Platinum Partner, IntraSystems provides the highest level of Citrix support to businesses seeking virtualization, mobility management, and networking for apps and mobile security.

“Our long-standing relationship and commitment to Citrix has enabled us to help customers in keeping pace with the rapidly changing IT landscape, while giving them the flexibility to address business needs,” says Paul Kunze, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at IntraSystems. With highly-trained and certified engineers, IntraSystems assists companies in the design, installation, security, and maintenance of networked technologies to enhance the productivity.

IntraSystems has complete control over the technical competency, end-to-end sales capability, and service delivery in managing and virtualizing Windows workloads via the Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp, leading to server consolidation and storage optimization. With this, businesses can build an effective virtual infrastructure, and reduce the hardware and operating cost, as well as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). IntraSystems also offers a Virtual Infrastructure Health Check—for organizations that are already leveraging a virtual infrastructure—helping them fully exploit the investments in Citrix and also to making sure that their configuration and operational procedures are consistent with Citrix’s best practices.

IntraSystems also develops policy-based security procedures for all facets of corporate IT environments. Organizations can be assured that their data is protected and secured with the IntraSystems’s customized security solutions— guaranteeing privacy, performance, reliability and availability of insights anytime, anywhere, regardless of their workplace.

At IntraSystems, clients can benefit from an enduring and efficient working relationship, which helps them resolve complex issues in the changing IT environments.

Our long-standing relationship and commitment to Citrix has enabled us to keep our customers keep pace with the rapidly changing IT landscape

The company has a proven five step, fully integrated project management methodology, which empowers the clients to deliver secure, on-demand access to business resources.

IntraSystems' technical consulting services are leveraged by clients across industries—the major one being the healthcare sector. The company works towards delivering solutions that meet the unique requirements of each hospital and healthcare organization. For instance mobile technology is having bigger role in today's healthcare ecosystem, and IntraSystems has implemented healthcare IT applications like MEDITECH, Epic and McKesson for their clients over a decade. Hospitals and healthcare organizations can deploy the MEDITECH technical support, which recommends Citrix’s XenApp to transform healthcare IT through enterprise mobility management, desktop and application virtualization, data sharing, hands-on collaboration, remote support and cloud networking. As a Citrix Platinum Partner, IntraSystems’ experience and expertise plays a crucial role in the overall success of each implementation. Through its strategic relationship with Citrix, IntraSystems has proven that investing in a technical and deep understanding of Citrix solution yields good results, when healthcare organizations are building out their own solutions to improve both patient care and organizational performance.

IntraSystems prides itself for its unique capabilities in recommending, customizing, and implementing IT configurations that work well in a daily basis and this is precisely what drives its success. Forging ahead, the firm continues to stay committed in delivering Citrix solutions to its customers for addressing their business demands—simple or complex—as well as improving their business outcomes.


Braintree, MA

James Hanrahan, President & Founder

IntraSystems enables corporations to focus on business growth and utilize new technologies to enhance corporate productivity