IntroPro: Simplifying SOA Implementations for Greater Benefits

Ivan Dianov, CEO
With the changing business demographics, organizations are adopting SOA to transform business processes for high performance by simplifying the underlying information systems. However, companies today face certain challenges, while implementing SOA solutions due to their complexity and high price. “These issues are mainly in terms of various departments operating under the same governance rules and processes,” begins Ivan Dianov, CEO, IntroPro. With an aim to allow businesses to utilize SOA solutions, IntroPro, integrates modern trends into their offerings to provide lightweight cloud enabled SOA implementations. The company standardizes processes and interfaces for a better co-relation between various systems, enabling a smooth workflow inside an organization.

IntroPro provides presentations and reference blueprints for a customer about SOA benefits, and "defend" technology with a Proof-of-Concept implementation, which is specific to a selected customer business services or functionality. IntroPro not only delivers development resources to customers, but also works closely with the customer and executes analytical analysis of existing systems taxonomy, identifying issues and constraint domains. “Based on the analysis results, we propose reference architectures for system evolution with a Proof-of-Concept pilot, displaying the benefits and future strategy,” says Dianov. “We are also certified Oracle Partner in Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite.” The company designs and implements complex SOA based Platform and a plethora of services and applications in customer business domains on Oracle Fusion Middleware.

IntroPro’s solutions are targeted towards complex engineering telecom systems, which incorporate the functionality of delivering different content to the customers. “We are adopting our solution functionality to distribute the different content to the end user and also process all the data from the customers to provide the best possible content which matches their preferences,” says Dianov.

The company uses continuous delivery processes to improve time to market and distribute the final product of the customer, which is in tight integration with the end-user devices, software like mobile devices, set top boxes, smart TVs, which are connected to the internet or a specific distribution network.
Furthermore, IntroPro’s big data solution works toward the provision of complete set of services with unified and personalized user experience.

IntroPro has leveraged its extensive industry experience and insights to help many notable clients across the globe. For instance, a service provider needed new applications and data structure as their current architecture was very complex. It meant huge development effort including integration in order to implement the new features. IntroPro was selected as an advisor, analyst, and architecture team to analyze how the client’s systems interacted with each other, what data structure was used, which protocols were used for data transmissions between different applications. IntroPro developed a framework with SOA model and architecture which helped all the client’s applications and services to run smoothly without any interruption. The company made incremental changes and implementation of SOA solutions, which framed ways to prioritize overall significant ways to address the clients’ problems.

We integrate modern trends into our offerings to provide lightweight cloud enabled SOA implementations

Moving forward, IntroPro aims to evolve along with the latest trends in technology. The company is focused on investing in the next generation telecom and video delivery platform and user devices. They are developing new platform, adopting new technologies such as IoT, big data, business intelligence, and business analytics solutions, which are integrated with different kinds of end-user devices and big data solutions such as search and recommendation engine with unified user experience across all devices, leveraging the advanced continued delivery approach. “The platform will allow us to provide applications where our customers can do sophisticated recommendation and provide targeted content for end users that give higher revenues for the customers,” concludes Dianov.


Kyiv, Ukraine

Ivan Dianov, CEO

IntroPro is a privately held service company that specializes on complete development and integration life cycle of complex distributed enterprise applications, embedded software products for various industries.