IntSights Cyber Intelligence: Tailored Threat Intelligence for Proactive Defense

IntSights Cyber Intelligence: Tailored Threat Intelligence for Proactive DefenseGuy Nizan, Co-Founder & CEO
Years of combat as members of the famed IDF battling cyber adversaries wired their brains to deeply understand every movement of a hacker in cyberspace. But, when these three cybersecurity veterans from the intelligence and cybersecurity unit of the Israeli Defense Forces looked at the threats facing enterprise organizations, they realized that cybersecurity intelligence vendors were offering a noisy and generic approach. What was needed was specificity and relevancy. The trio decided to bring their rich cyber reconnaissance and threat intelligence gathering expertise to the commercial world and built IntSights. “Customers are frustrated by first generation threat intelligence tools that push excessive, generic alerts and they are overwhelmed by the amount of data they need to process, normalize and define as relevant to their brand and operations. To the contrary, we secure organizations by keeping sharp eyes on the threats being planned against their digital assets, customers, employees, and supply chains,” says Guy Nizan, CEO, and Co- Founder, IntSights.

Most organizations lack the ability to see emerging external threats and the damage they can cause. The founders of IntSights designed their platform to monitor and track how cyber-adversaries plan their attacks utilizing the dark, deep, and clear web to gather information about their targets. “Our threat intelligence and mitigation solution is tailored using an enterprises’ digital footprint, not based on generic industry feeds or irrelevant community data,” asserts Nizan. “We use AI and human analysts to identify threats early in the planning phase, analyzing them, and mitigating the vulnerabilities and weaknesses they plan to exploit to execute an attack.”

IntSights’ threat intelligence and mitigation solution is comprised of three distinct modules—a collection engine, an analytics layer, and a remediation platform. The collection engine sweeps millions of sources across the clear, deep and dark web to glean threat intelligence that specifically targets a customer. Subsequently, the analytics piece of the solution utilizes a patented algorithm to examine threats in an automated fashion by correlating custom intelligence based on the customer’s digital footprint, along with data from external sources and internal security devices.

Our threat intelligence and mitigation solution not only informs our customers about a relevant threat or an evolving attack, but also enables them to automatically mitigate those threats

This correlation is how IntSights reduces the noise and delivers tailored, prioritized intelligence relevant to its customers’ operations. The third component of the solution, a remediation platform, mitigates threats and vulnerabilities before attacks are launched.

IntSights’ threat intelligence and mitigation solution addresses’ the common, and not so common, challenges that enterprise organizations face today including phishing campaigns, fraud schemes and cyber scams that target an organization, its customers and its IP. Leveraging IntSights, organizations become proactive in their cyber defense, threat hunting and vulnerability management practices rather reacting to attacks and manually mitigating threats. A client’s relationship with IntSights begins with a custom threat assessment that provides a detailed review of six major attack types including attack indicators, phishing, data leakage, brand security, exploitable data, and VIP targeting based on assets that define the customer’s digital footprint. “Our unique, customer-first approach enables us to deliver tailored and actionable threat intelligence. Our customer success team works hand in hand with each customer to ensure they garner the full value of the platform,” assets Nizan.

Founded in 2015, IntSights is changing the way companies’ approach, consume and operationalize threat intelligence. While early market solutions have become stuck trying to turn their mountain of threat data into intelligence, IntSights has bolstered its core solution with additional threat intelligence features, unveiled new modules for threat-driven risk assessments, and is making swift strides to enter the Asian, Australian, and South American market.

IntSights Cyber Intelligence

New York, NY

Guy Nizan, Co-Founder & CEO

Delivers early warnings of hacking and fraud attacks, via sophisticated cyber intelligence, rapid mitigation, and one-click remediation

IntSights Cyber Intelligence