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Tony Horling, Founder and CEO
On time delivery is imperative to companies that transport goods, and is dependent on two essential things: the reliability of the truck transporting the goods, and the technology that helps the transportation company ship and track goods more efficiently. If either fails, it can negatively affect everything from productivity to profits. Fortunately, both heavy-duty engine and shipment tracking issues can be easily rectified by leveraging the right technology, but only if the transportation company is up-to-speed on which technology is best suited for their needs. With the vast number of technology vendors available, organizations often feel overwhelmed as they investigate new solutions. The innate fear of selecting the wrong solution immobilizes most companies who then adopt an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality.’

When companies finally decide to upgrade, they often end up turning to the Internet for advice. Tony Horling, founder and CEO of InTu Mobility, offered this advice, “The Internet can lure you in the wrong direction when it comes to investing in enterprise mobility technology. 50 percent of the customers we've acquired are from companies who let the Internet guide them down the wrong path rather than reaching out to real experts who advise, install, train, and service the solution they recommend. The Internet doesn’t care what happens after you invest in a solution. We do. And we spend 50 percent of our time untangling wrong technology decisions." Governed by a mission to help companies increase efficiencies through the use of field mobility and heavy-duty diesel engine optimization technologies, InTu Mobility, a consultancy firm, helps enterprises identify, review, and select the best mobile and diesel engine software, hardware, and managed services predominantly for the transportation industry.

InTu Mobility started in the transportation industry by specializing in field mobility technology, i.e., proof of delivery, route accounting, field service, telematics, etc. Before long they were helping clients like Coca-Cola, McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc., and Miller-Coors develop more efficient operations. The proficiency of InTu Mobility's field mobility consultancy services is best described through a real-life scenario, where a client who lacked a proof of delivery and telematics solution, was losing customers due to missed deliveries and pickups.

50 percent of the customers we’ve acquired are from companies who let the Internet guide them down the wrong path

Furthermore, they were essentially tracking their business on paper and were about to invest in the wrong technology they found online. InTu Mobility's experts met with the client onsite to review current technological requirements, business processes, worker habits, and to discuss future goals.

They recommended several solutions that would integrate better with the client’s environment. “Often clients are not able to fathom the engineering technicalities presented by the software and hardware providers. We help them identify what's best suited for their budget, their current business environment, and long-term goals,” says Horling.

InTu Mobility extends a hand-holding approach by assisting clients that lack the internal technical expertise in-house. But their goal is to make clients self-reliant through training and coaching.

Just recently, InTu Mobility ventured into the maintenance end of the transportation industry after hearing clients complain of diesel engine maintenance issues due to the emission mandates. InTu Mobility realized that all the field mobility tracking technology in the world wasn’t useful if shipments were not making it from point A to B. InTu Mobility learned that the aftertreatment systems mandated by EPA in 2007 for the heavy-duty trucking industry created mechanical issues, engine failures, breakdowns, and loss of fuel efficiency. InTu Mobility teamed up with experts in diesel engine technology to design Diesel I.O., an EPA and CARB compliant intelligent optimization solution for heavy-duty trucks. With Diesel I.O.’s diagnostic solution, InTu Mobility was able to help their clients reduce repair and maintenance costs by 55 percent, and reduce fuel consumption by 15 percent.

“Our clients rely on our foresight and our ability to help them make informed decisions. We’re proud that we’ve been able to positively impact their business,” concludes Horling.

InTu Mobility

Fort Collins, CO

Tony Horling, Founder and CEO

Helping companies to develop efficient field mobility solutions, Intu Mobility’s customized solutions incorporate the latest mobile software, hardware, and wireless technology that kept drivers en route, collecting real-time data along the way and making it easier for workers in the home office to support customers better. Over the years, they have retained 100% of the business/relationships we developed with distributors, retailers, and food and beverage manufacturers, to name a few. The company specializes in providing, Consulting, Field Mobility, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Telematics, Proof of Delivery, Direct Store Delivery, Field Service, Transportation & Logistics, Mobile Hardware, Enterprise Mobility Software, Business Process Review, WWAN, Wireless, Trucking, Fleet Maintenance, Diesel Engine Technology, and technology