Intuit QuickBase: Configurable Workflow Systems for Better Business Outcomes

Organizations are undergoing a digital transformation of both critical and lower tier business processes. CIOs are engaged with a balancing act between productivity and control while fostering a culture of innovation. In addition, CIOs face an ever-growing backlog of requests from various functional groups and are constantly under pressure to accelerate the speed of delivery of applications to solve customers’ unique workflow challenges.

Based at Cambridge, MA, Intuit QuickBase rests at the nexus between these priorities. In the spirit of productivity, control and innovation, Intuit QuickBase’s low-code user experience for app builders empowers business-savvy members of CIOs’ organizations to quickly develop and customize applications that align with the unique business processes. The company with its administrator experience, compliance and governance capabilities inspires confidence in mid-market to enterprise-level CIOs. Intuit QuickBase enables the CIO’s organizations to move more quickly under intense pressure to reduce their backlog of projects.

Intuit provides a flexible platform ‘QuickBase’ that is tailored to the customer’s unique processes. “QuickBase is a highly flexible low-code cloud platform where every building block can be easily customized from fields and forms, to role-based dashboards and dynamic reports,” says John Carione, Product and Industry Marketing Leader, Intuit QuickBase. The company’s platform enables business professionals to rapidly prototype processes, roll out apps, and modify them on the fly. QuickBase helps businesses to manage the organization’s team and data, automate workflows, and share insights through instant, interactive reports.

QuickBase platform enables business professionals to rapidly prototype processes, build and roll out apps, and modify them on the fly

Other automation features include notifications, reminders, and report subscriptions that keep teams informed and focused on staying on top of their commitments with dashboards showing personalized to-do lists and results. QuickBase apps are also optimized for tablets and Smartphones and can be accessed from any place at any time.
John Carione, Product and Industry Marketing Leader
“The QuickBase Exchange provides access to over 700 ready-to-use apps which can easily be tailored to the customer’s their specific processes or simply lean on them for inspiration,” says Carione.

From an integration standpoint, QuickBase is committed to inspire and enable thriving businesses by helping them easily connect to their ecosystem. Customers can use QuickBase’s public API to integrate apps with other solutions. Intuit has also recently introduced QuickBase Sync, a powerful low-code data integration capability built into QuickBase. Sync makes it easier to bring together data scattered across cloud apps so customers can save time, create holistic reports across the business, and make better business decisions. QuickBase’s integration with leading cloud application integration platforms, like ItDuzzIt and Zapier, enables customers to automate tasks and workflows between QuickBase and cloud apps.

Intuit QuickBase has leveraged its extensive industry experience and insights to help many notable clients across the globe. For example, Ceva Sante Animale, a global veterinary health company was seeking to reduce IT investment, increase the speed of app delivery and enhance user satisfaction. The company turned to Intuit which provided QuickBase platform for rapid application development and deployment across multiple departments and functions. Ceva implemented the 120 active apps in QuickBase. After implementing the strategy Ceva’s IT costs decreased by 30 percent.

Moving forward, Intuit QuickBase is striving to be a design-driven company that creates emotional connections with the customers. The company is making two large investments in innovations which include application lifecycle management capabilities and continuing to foster the culture of innovation, such as Intuit’s Innovation Labs internal events. “The completion of our move toward a service-oriented architecture will mark a watershed moment in the ongoing innovation of Intuit QuickBase,” concludes Carione.

Intuit Quickbase

Cambridge, MA

John Carione, Product and Industry Marketing Leader

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