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John Scott, CEO
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is typically a suite of incorporated applications—that an organization uses to gather, store, oversee and translate information from numerous business exercises. With the advent of bigger and better EPM software, organizations are facing major challenges in integrating the proper solutions. “Businesses are thinking they will get everything at their fingertips once they have implemented an EPM solution. However, it is not that simple; you need to analyze a problem and then apply a proper solution. Intuitive Performance Solutions (IPS) through SAS brings that to the table in a more integrated and comprehensive way,” says John Scott, CEO Intuitive Performance Solutions.

IPS specializes in data mining and advanced analytics with an emphasis on budgeting, planning, financial consolidation, balanced scorecard applications and Big Data analysis. “Some people see data as facts and figures. It is the lifeblood of any business and it tells the history of a company,” notes Scott. Being a SAS preferred partner, IPS specializes in delivering value-added analytical solutions. As a leader in business analytics software and services, SAS transforms data into insights that give a fresh perspective for businesses to discover new opportunities. With decades of experience in implementing EPM solutions, IPS is prominent in the consulting industry for being on time and on budget, project after project. “We perform installation and implementation of SAS Software, along with training according to our clients’ needs,” adds Scott.

IPS brings technical know-how to their clients—teaching them how system and platforms correlate to each other. “Most organizations I analyze are facing problems as they are using spreadsheets, access databases, and inappropriate EPM solutions. What we give them is a proper solution within their budget. It may be SAS with some other porting system on top, but we make sure we provide that magic through our custom integrations,” explains Scott.
Recently one of IPS’ clients, Napa County Board, approved the purchase of the SAS Financial Management software to be used as the county's new budget application. IPS was contracted for upgrading the system, having experience with multiple SAS Financial Management upgrades. The process included enhancements in process management support, data validation, and data entry and reporting options. “Our technical expertise by veteran consultants helped the county improve their budgeting and planning environment,” says Scott.

Data is seen as facts and figures, but it is the lifeblood of a business telling its history

The company has dedicated consultants that are certified in SAS performance management, SAS financial intelligence, SAS data management, and SAS foundation tools. Having implemented various other EPMs, IPS chose SAS as their go-to partner because of its end-user ease-of-use and superior technology. “We are developing industry-focused solutions for SAS along with other start-up consulting packages, which will reduce time to complete budgeting and planning in an organization. For the road ahead, we are expanding beyond SAS so we can bring our talents to small and medium-sized businesses,” concludes Scott.

IPS has expanded into other products such as Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft combines everything a small-business needs such as contact management, CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce—into a single online platform. “The software can keep track of contacts, appointments, tasks, and everything else about a business in one place. Infusionsoft acts as IPS’ small-business EPM solution.”

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John Scott, CEO

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