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Jay Modh, Founder & CEO
The right cloud engineering can provide a catalyst for business value, transforming the way it operates. However, a successful cloud program focused on Infrastructure, Application, and Data transformation is not possible without experienced thought leaders, engineers, and architects. The foremost challenge companies face in their transformation journey is the enterprise operational silos, non-standard applications, and data stack. Even if enterprises figure out a way, they are unsure of how to refine datasets at scale and maintain utmost accuracy, including data gravity, when they move data sets from on-premises to cloud-based environments or try to create operational pipelines that hydrate and curate data lake.

This is precisely where Intuitive’s focused suite of strategic IT solutions makes a huge difference in helping companies build and migrate with purpose. Leveraging its expertise in Data Architecture, Modernization, and Data Science on cloud-native platforms, along with specialized competencies in AppSecOps and DevSecOps. Intuitive successfully guides each client through their cloud transformation journey. By making the best use of advanced-level analytics and Data Science productionalized models to draw actionable insights on their business applications and accordingly modulate cloud migration and transformation programs. Intuitive has built proven Cloud Native and Cloud Agnostic Data & AI/ML frameworks for enterprises from Data Governance, Data Pipeline, Data Ingestion, Data Streaming, Data Quality Management, Data Visualization, Real-time Analytics, ML Model delivery, ML Orchestration, and ML Governance.

"With our collective proficiency in Infrastructure, Application, Data, and AI/ML engineering, we handle the full life cycle of a client's cloud operationalization and transformation process from use case ideation to execution," says Indraneel Shah, Chief Strategy Officer of Intuitive Technology Partners. Intuitive combines top talent, experience, and disruptive innovations to deliver measurable value and business outcomes for enterprises on a global scale.

"Enterprises and ISVs are in a dire need of data modernization enabled with AI/ML to drive revenue-generating actionable insights in the current times," says Jay Modh, Founder & CEO of Intuitive Technology Partners. Intuitive believes in pushing the envelope, driving the adoption of advanced Data & AI/ML to deliver a competitive advantage to its customers.
Upon initiating any new project, the team of experts at Intuitive first outlines the operational value stream mapping process. It is aimed at gaining a thorough understanding of different sources from where a company's data is generated, data localization, data types and technology stack, and compliance measures. Intuitive develops a data framework aligned to clients' unique requirements and works in concert with them to engineer its target cloud infrastructure. Driven by an underlying vision to continually offer innovative and competitive solutions to businesses, Intuitive has scripted numerous success stories across global financial services, healthcare, life sciences, oil and natural gas, retail, manufacturing, and logistics sectors.

With our collective proficiency in infrastructure, application, data, and AI/ML engineering, we handle the full life cycle of a client's cloud operationalization and transformation process from use case ideation to execution

One of the noteworthy instances is when Intuitive helped one of the largest automobile/logistics companies moving freight around the world to bring the capability of demand forecasting and predicting the breakdowns in their operations. Intuitive worked closely with the client, from categorizing disparate data sources, operational workflows, and R&D pipelines, as well as all the geo-locations, sensor/telemetry data of their warehouses, and inventory of spare parts in each of them, to building actionable predictive analytics models and data hub to build robust data logistics environments supporting all operational personas maintaining data quality, governance, and security. It helped the client successfully gauge future customer demands and significant measurable operational efficiency.

Backing Intuitive's suite of cutting-edge solutions and personalized client engagement is an exceptional team of data engineers, data scientists, and ML engineers equally responsible for its success. Intuitive ensures its SMEs are motivated by the exposure they get on solving multiple complex challenges for enterprises and their abilities to cross-train across Data & AI/ML domains.

Intuitive Technology Partners (Intuitive.Cloud)

Iselin, NJ

Jay Modh, Founder & CEO

Intuitive is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Americas (recognized by CRN & INC 5000) focused on IT solutions, and services supporting 100+ Fortune 1000 & ISV customers on a global scale. With the reputation of being a Tiger Team & a Trusted Partner, Intuitive’s solution-centric SMEs across its core Superpowers (Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, CyberSecurity, AppDev, AppSecOps, DevSecOps, SRE, Data, AI/ML, Network and Digital Workspace) help solve most complex challenges and initiatives for Enterprises.

Intuitive Technology Partners (Intuitive.Cloud)