invisibleCRM: Helping Customers Extend Their Value from Enterprise Applications

Vlad Voskresensky, CEO
SAP is one of the top providers of business software solutions for global organizations across many industries,” Vlad Voskresensky, CEO of invisibleCRM. Vlad mentions current technology hurdles the landscape is witnessing. “Employees are focused on driving results in their organizations, yet companies provide them with various types of disconnected productivity and enterprise applications that require them to switch back and forth, to change context, and to lose time.” That lost time equates to costs to the organization. Today’s workers want to leverage a connected work experience and this is where invisibleCRM comes in—a company that helps customers to derive value by connecting productivity tools and enterprise applications through state-of-the-art integration solutions. “We are the leading provider of productivity tools integrating Enterprise Applications with Personal User Environments driving increased user-adoption of enterprise software,” affirms Voskresensky.

invisibleCRM is leveraging its skills in integration with Cloud and SaaS solutions to expand its focus in solving Corporate integration issues. “We have deployed a number of new technologies like server side sync and solutions based on Microsoft’s new Mail App technologies that are targeted at solving problems faced by corporate CIOs that need to deliver ongoing business value to employees while integrating legacy or homegrown systems with productivity solutions,” concludes Voskresensky. invisibleCRM has tackled difficult integration challenges for companies like Pella, Eaton, Hitachi, Desjardins and Lufthansa.

invisibleCRM built integration for SAP Jam to extend social collaboration with email and real-time messaging capabilities from Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Lync. SAP Jam delivers business social collaboration, connecting communities of customers, partners and colleagues with information, networking applications and processes to help solve business-critical problems with faster results. invisibleCRM’s unique integration for Microsoft Outlook now allows users of SAP Jam to enhance their collaboration by easily posting e-mail and associated attachments to SAP Jam groups—speeding up the decision-making process. “As our customers work in many applications, our goal for SAP Jam is to ensure that customers can collaborate when and where they need it.
The relationship with invisibleCRM helps enable SAP Jam customers to smoothly bridge between productivity applications, collaboration, and transactional enterprise applications,” says Daisy Hernandez, VP, Product Management, Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software at SAP.

SAP also offers Desktop Connection for SAP CRM, also designed and built by invisibleCRM. This solution connects SAP CRM with the way users work every day. It keeps SAP CRM data like Accounts, Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Leads and Opportunities in sync with Microsoft Outlook/LotusNotes and provides offline access to this key sales data. It also provide a quick and easy way to store important emails in the SAP CRM system and associates them to appropriate CRM data. Dr. Tim Bolte, Chief Product Owner and Senior Vice President, SAP CRM says, “We believe invisibleCRM’s technologies complement SAP’s innovative technologies, including our advanced mobile technologies and the SAP HANA platform, which deliver added value to customers.”

invisibleCRM brings easy integration between office tools such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Lotus Notes to make it flexible for the customers.

Our offerings are built on strong, unified and evolving technology platforms that integrate Cloud, SaaS and Enterprise applications to the personal tools like Office 365, Outlook, Gmail and Lotus Notes driving increased user adoption of enterprise software

“We also help reflect the full functionality of the enterprise system. The solutions we are providing are helping customers decipher quickly on complex decisions and also make sure users love to use it,” says Voskresensky. The company partners with industry giants like Oracle, Microsoft and SAP who are now relying on invisibleCRM’s technologies.


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Vlad Voskresensky, CEO

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