InvolveSoft: Cutting Through the Noise, Enhancing Comprehension

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Saumya Bhatnagar, Co-Founder & CTO
Saumya Bhatnagar and Gaurav Bhattacharya, the co-founders of InvolveSoft, have endured a challenging but promising journey thus far. After meeting at a programming class over a decade ago, they launched a technology start-up to help the Indian Government identify and prevent the root causes of female infanticide. Post-college, they worked for a few large corporations before their paths crossed again. By this time, the duo could see through the cracks in corporate cultures, and pinpoint reasons for mid-sized businesses to suffer from high employee turnover rates. The tandem proceeded to interview over 500 CEOs and CIOs to comprehend the sheer number of disgruntled employees and employers. “Since we’d both been entrepreneurs, we could understand both sides of the table,” says Saumya, CTO, InvolveSoft, a California-based technology company that offers a workplace community platform.

With Millennials outnumbering Gen-Xers in the American workforce, the duo realized that expectations and priorities were changing in the corporate landscape. “Millennials wish to know what leadership expects of them. Their aspirations from a job are higher,” she adds.

During their conversations with thought leaders, the duo deduced that while HR tools were effective for hiring, and onboarding, they fall short with regards to employers engaging employees more meaningfully. “70 percent of the managers felt communication is the hardest part of their job,” says Saumya.

To tackle these pain points, InvolveSoft launched a SaaS platform designed to give C-Suites actionable insights on ways to improve employee communication. While the platform works wonders across businesses, organizations with distributed workforces stand to benefit the most. For example, if a sales executive at the Dallas branch of an organization is disgruntled, the C-Suite at headquarters can get wind of the situation and take appropriate action.

“When different segments of a company communicate via different channels, there is a lack of solidarity. Also, in certain cases, there are language barriers and deskless workforces. Our solution cuts through all that noise and improves comprehension,” explains Saumya. Besides helping companies grow to become socially active in the community, the platform is a boon for tasks such as corporate volunteering, and helping employees utilize paid days productively.

70 percent of the managers feel communication is the hardest part of their job

InvolveSoft’s platform isn’t a solution or a communication channel, but a middleware that connects across communication channels. Built on a mobile-friendly, Instagram-type interfaceto promote top-down outreach and bottom-up feedback, the platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to produce actionable insights for C-Suites. “It’s a three-step process that begins with broadcasting messages from one place across multiple channels. After the messages are sent, the platform performs sentiment analysis (NLP) to gauge how the workforce feels about the messages based on responses, likes/dislikes. This data is ingested and actionable insights are generated,” details Saumya, before stressing that the back-and-forth feedback loop leads to improvement in employee Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The effectiveness of this feedback loop was on full display when InvolveSoft aided an organization with 25,000 employees spread across branches. The client was admittedly “flying blind” in that it could not track the hoards of emails and messages exchanged between various segments of the organization, and even memos sent out by corporate communications. Pre-deployment, InvolveSoft conducted a background check of the organization, including recent trends, gathered SalesForce data, and benchmarks that established their corporate standards. “We also wanted to capture what employees were talking about, and their thoughts about internal competition. We gathered every piece of data that directly impacted their bottom line,” says Saumya. Since InvolveSoft’s platform is cloud-based, the client’s day-to-day operations weren’t stalled. “Post-deployment, they could conduct surveys across 25,000 employees and gather feedback.”

Three years into its inception, InvolveSoft remains “in growth mode” as a bright future awaits the HR tech solution provider. Currently serving 55 enterprise clients, the company is excited about its value proposition and promises to advance the product based on evolving trends.


Santa Monica, CA

Saumya Bhatnagar, Co-Founder & CTO

A HR Tech solution provider that offers a comprehensive platform to allow business leaders track and increase employees’ connections to their company. Through a SaaS platform designed to give C-Suites actionable insights on better ways to engage with employees, InvolveSoft is transforming the way businesses communicate internally. The platform is built on a mobile-friendly, Instagram-type interface that promotes top-down outreach and bottom-up feedback. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), the InvolveSoft workplace community platform produces actionable insight for C-Suites of organizations across various industries