Inxeption: The Future of B2B Commerce

Farzad Dibachi, Co-founder & CEO
Imagine a person capable of invading a CEO’s subconscious— just like Dominick Cobb in the movie Inception—and gathering knowledge about all their concealed, unplumbed, and obscure business obstacles? The only difference, this person—unlike Cobb’s character of a skilled con man—aims to solve those pitfalls for the benefit of the CEO and the company. Sounds intriguing, right? Although Farzad Dibachi, a serial entrepreneur, does not possess any mystical power of actually entering the minds of business leaders, his innate knowledge of the business landscape makes him a real-world Dominick Cobb. Naming his organization Inxeption, Dibachi, its co-founder and CEO, is strong-headed to solve some of the burgeoning challenges of B2B companies.

“If one closely observes the B2B commerce space, they would notice that its methodologies have not changed much since the 1980s,” says Dibachi. The processes are not only time-consuming and cumbersome, but also wielded by a faction of middlemen between the manufacturer and the end customer, which makes the workflow even more convoluted. This is what Inxeption aims to detangle. Borrowing their idea from B2C commerce, Inxeption intends to offer a similar kind of value proposition for B2B companies. “We have built an industrial-strength e-commerce platform that facilitates a B2B business to seamlessly promote, sell, and manage their products and services online,” mentions Dibachi.

At the core of this e-commerce platform is a robust product ledger that leverages blockchain technology to catalog and digitize all the product information of a B2B business. “While the enterprises have always focused on maintaining an updated system of records for ERP and CRM, they have not done much when it comes to keeping an accurate and timely record of product information—one of the most pertinent aspects of B2B business,” says Dibachi. Inxeption, therefore, establishes its footing in the B2B world as an enabler of digital product ledger. Once the products are well-defined, the second element of Inxeption’s offering is called ‘Purchase Crate.’ This unique offering allows enterprise solution buyers to effortlessly purchase software just like any consumer would buy a product from a B2C e-commerce website. Together with that, making use of the robust blockchain technology, Purchase Crate’s capabilities include processing credit card transactions, purchase orders, and applying discounts like any other payment solutions in the marketplace.

The third significant element of Inxeption’s platform is its analytics wing. “It is not the feasibility of selling a product or service online that matters; the enterprises also need to monitor their sales performance and product feedbacks to determine their future sales roadmap,” mentions Dibachi.

Inxeption for the first time makes blockchain an approachable technology

This is where Inxeption’s analytics capability comes in handy. With the help of real-time analytics, companies can monitor their online sales, receive real-time order statuses, and be notified when a fake credit card is used.

Inxeption for the first time makes blockchain an approachable technology. “Our goal is to abstract the complexity out of the product so that it is easy to use on the other end,” says Dibachi. The company begins by building several user interface prototypes, allowing the client to determine the look and feel of the website before they start using the pre-coded application packages to get the website up and running quickly. “While we take an average of 2-3 weeks to complete one project, in some cases we have made websites live on the day we pitched to the client,” informs Dibachi.

Alongside, Inxeption is also setting new cost-effectiveness benchmarks in the B2B enterprise solutions space. “More often than not, a CIO has a preconceived notion that all enterprise-grade offerings take years to implement, costing millions of dollars,” mentions Dibachi. Inxeption wants to eradicate such apprehensions with its smart and affordable pricing models that start from $499 a month.

Today, Inxeption boasts a clientele that spans several business sectors. “A major inclination toward adopting B2B e-commerce, however, comes from manufacturing companies, where the segment of middlemen is slightly higher than other industries,” says Dibachi. Although, he believes that the opportunity for Inxeption in the B2B landscape is immense, and “we are only at the tip of the iceberg.” Striding ahead, Inxeption intends to add more sophisticated features—logistics and financing—to further boost the power of its platform. Together with that, the company plans to roll out solutions for different kinds of market segments: ‘single seller to multiple buyers,’ ‘multiple sellers to multiple buyers,’ and ‘multiple sellers to a single buyer,’ to enable B2B e-commerce in any kind of market condition. “We are poised to explore and experiment with new ideas and approaches that can redefine the B2B market worldwide,” Dibachi concludes.


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Farzad Dibachi, Co-founder & CEO

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