IOIPay®: Holistic and HR-centric HCM Solution

Najeeb Khan, President
Over the last few years, the elements needed within an HCM solution continue to evolve. HR departments remain engaged with other decision-making stakeholders in the organization to determine which capabilities are critical for success. To achieve greater efficiencies and to address this evolution, organizations have focused on finding an end-to-end solution, which can be difficult for companies to provide in a steadily progressing industry.

Delivering on the HCM needs of a variety of industries and organizations, IOIPay takes an HR-centric approach in providing Your Complete People Solution™. The company provides various tools for not just the employer, but also for the transactional functions of the employee, which reduces the workload for the HR function. “We provide a holistic solution which covers functions from applicant tracking to onboarding, HR management solutions, time & attendance, and payroll processing,” says Najeeb Khan, President of IOIPay. The company also provides reporting capabilities, and tax administration and compliance.

Founded in 1987 as an employer solution company, IOIPay has transitioned over the years to provide a full HCM suite today. The company's solution, IOIHCM, delivers capabilities centered on Talent Acquisition, Workforce Management, Human Resources Management, Cloud-based Payroll, and Reporting & Compliance. Talent Acquisition includes tools that help clients to recruit, track, and onboard applicants, as well as to perform background checks. Within Workforce Management, clients are offered time and attendance solutions. The company’s payroll engine presents cloud-based technology designed to deliver payroll and tax processing services. Human Resources Management helps support the entire HCM lifecycle through offerings of HR Support Center, document storage, and benefit solutions. Reporting & Compliance focuses on providing the tools for clients to have greater visibility to data, as well as to have compliance support. “We provide the complete solution for people. We have evolved from being an employer solution company to being more HR-centric in terms of what we deliver: your complete people solution,” states Khan.
With technical expertise and an unparalleled level of client service, IOIPay ensures customized solutions and no automated service. An experienced team manages implementations from start to finish. The company’s solution allows for varied utilization levels of many of its offerings, which allows clients to have the solution that best fits its needs. Khan illustrates an example, “A manufacturer in a smaller Midwestern city may prefer different recruiting functionalities than a technology company in a large city.”

We have evolved from being an employer solution company to being more HR-centric in terms of what we deliver: your complete people solution

IOIPay differentiates itself through the fact that they connect multiple disparate systems at a client's organization by building APIs. “Our competitors tend to provide the client with the needed interfaces' layout, but we take the responsibility by consulting with the client and building the API such that the data can be moved to other platforms and utilized,” notes Khan. IOIPay's proprietary technology also helps it with data capabilities in delivering, reporting and warehousing, which steers the company ahead of the competition curve.

Moving forward, IOIPay plans to expand its product portfolio by releasing new products quarterly, including more flexible employee payment options. Also, the company will be launching enhancements to simplify employee onboarding and payroll processing. Additional plans include updating interfaces designed to help clients and their employees navigate intuitively through the process, and tools to provide clients with the ability to run analysis of their employee-related data.

As HCM continues to evolve, IOIPay continues to focus on offering its clients integrated solutions and excellent client service, by providing your complete people solution.


Elkhart, IN

Najeeb Khan, President

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