ion interactive: Turning Content into Competitive Advantage

Mary Ward, GM
“In today’s content-rich world, we help digital marketers cut through the noise and the clutter around the content to better engage, target, and convert prospects into customers,” begins Mary Ward, General Manager, ion interactive.

As a company that transforms content into competitive advantage, ion interactive empowers brands to create interactive content that resonates well with their audiences, creating brand awareness as an advantage. “Rather than just creating webinars and whitepapers, marketers using the ion interactive platform can allow their target audience to interact with the content, thereby drawing their audience’s interest.” With ion, marketers can have that dialogue with their prospects that ultimately leads to higher quality leads, higher quantity of sales, and increased revenue.

ion interactive acknowledges the rising need for integrating marketing content with other business systems to allow teams to make informed decisions. The company ensures that marketers can integrate the ion platform with their existing marketing automation platform or CRM systems, and utilize the existing content to generate, test, and optimize interactive content. The integration enables marketers to derive data insights from all the platforms and create a relevant, buyer-specific experience. And with ion’s strategic consultation services, marketers can learn how to interpret and use the data to grow campaigns down the line.

Unlike other solutions in the market, ion’s enterprise SaaS platform allows marketers to create attractive, fully responsive, and interactive experiences without requiring developers or external agencies. A remarkable benefit of the platform is “Quick Start experience” that gives marketers access to hundreds of pre-fabricated templates, including infographics, assessments, ebooks, and product tours, to quickly deploy interactive content. These robust sets of experiences across a variety of assets allow marketers to have a control over their brand. For example, FedEx has experienced 82 percent growth in revenue by adopting the ion platform.

Rather than just creating webinars and whitepapers, marketers using the ion interactive platform can encourage their target audience to interact with the content, drawing their audience’s interest

In another instance, Dell gained 10x rise in their sales opportunities by leveraging the interactive content provided by ion, in just two years.

Highly committed to client success, ion provides cutting-edge technologies, and also delivers comprehensive support services to their clients. Their professional services team assists customers in the entire marketing journey, from initial campaign setup and on-boarding to building out their first experience and helping them with the integration. As a part of the training and support services, the company provides a dedicated and certified Learning Management System to get started with the platform. Through managed services, ion’s strategy team helps customers determine the kind of experience they should be creating for their customers, and ways in which they can make static content interactive.

Mary attributes their success to the strong leadership of the company that has expertise in creating effective content and a deep knowledge about digital marketing. Today, ion creates a lively environment which fuels employee performance and satisfaction. Having been acquired by ScribbleLive, a global content cloud solution, ion interactive will focus on collaborations within the ScribbleLive content cloud while expanding in the EMEA and global markets.

ion interactive

Boca Raton, FL

Mary Ward, GM

ion interactive empowers digital marketers to produce engaging, interactive content that generates high quality leads

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