IOR Analytics: Protecting Data by Understanding Data

IOR Analytics: Protecting Data by Understanding DataMatt Linde, President
Data is central to most organizations’ ability to function. Much of that data must be protected from the ever-increasing number of cyberattacks; but somewhere in the chaos of protection activities, the precise impact data has on business objectives is sidelined. Positioning its unique value proposition in this intersection between an organization’s security, compliance, and business processes’ dependence on data is IOR Analytics. “Once we bridge this gap for our customers, they are able to reap true intelligence around their data,” says Matt Linde, the president of IOR Analytics. The company has leaped forward to revolutionize the enterprise security arena by providing a platform—IOR Insight—a pragmatic risk intelligence SaaS solution that facilitates data protection through business process awareness. “We emphasize the importance of visibility of business processes and transparency of data usage in all data inventories across the enterprise,” adds Linde. “From a risk, security, and compliance standpoint, the company focuses on centralizing the high-quality information needed to help enterprises make effective, data-driven decisions aimed at attaining the business objectives.”

The company aims at prioritizing the focus of data protection efforts in an organization by determining the data flow through its simplified survey approach. The first step of the strategy is to convert overall insights of data usage visibility into business processes and then use the technology to identify high-risk data-handling and across the combination of data inventory and business processes. The final step involves applying data-handling policies and control policies overlaying onto the pre-built knowledge base for developing actionable risk intelligence, based on the prioritization of data risk management initiatives. To consolidate and improve on the same ideology, the IOR Insight platform consists of three independent yet complimentary modules—Data Inventory Manager, Data Flow Manager, and Risk Manager.

The Data Inventory Manager allows identification and classification of data inventories by direct collaboration with data custodians across the organization and/or integration with DLP technologies.

We are nimble and believe in the feedback loop to make ourselves better on a very short iterative basis

While, the Data Flow Manager is an interactive model for managing and analyzing detailed data usage between third parties, systems, departments, and even physical locations. Lastly, the Risk Manager allows customized control requirements and integration with other security solutions (such as GRC) for tracking and managing control gaps and vulnerabilities on systems or vendors used in business processes. Supply capabilities play a necessary part in IOR Insight, where it enables quick, systematic data usage information extraction from data handlers—the business and technical users. The idea behind the three modules is to determine the data that is relevant to the business and then build on the knowledge of the data inventory to understand the context around the data inventory.

IOR Analytics’ outlook toward regulatory compliance gives a unique complement to handle the changing landscape of regulations like PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR with the way its data inventory model works. The platform and solutions let organizations understand how business processes, vendor choices, and technology usage create risks, and how those can be managed strategically, and eliminated through ongoing strategy alignment, prioritization, funding justification, executive communication, and audit support.

In order to stay ahead in the competitive enterprise security market, IOR Analytics listens to customers by taking feedback seriously, to set development priorities. “We are nimble and believe in the feedback loop to make ourselves better on a very short iterative basis, and such qualities ultimately allow us to vector ourselves toward perfection, over time. This brings us closer to the customer and is the reason behind our experienced team’s success in delivering phenomenal results,” asserts Matt.

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Matt Linde, President

IOR Insight software enables data protection through business process awareness

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