IOvations: Actionable Cybersecurity Solutions for Enterprise Readiness

Jim Sacco, Founder & CEO In today’s increasingly digital world, it is imperative for organizations to ensure the security of their prized digital assets. However, as stories of businesses suffering heavy losses due to network security breaches continue to make headlines, no organization can guarantee that it is 100 percent secure and will never experience a breach. The enterprise ecosystem that needs to be protected against attackers is vast and has been undergoing dynamic changes owing to the digital transformation of businesses. In addition, the emergence of cloud technology has resulted in a large-scale expansion of the attack surface for cyber threats, and in turn, more number of security breaches. While legacy systems and traditional security measures are not fully capable of detecting and eliminating these modern-day cyber threats, the proliferating cloud usage also places a premium on better visibility and security controls across the enterprise ecosystem.

Massachusetts-based IOvations engages with enterprises to provide transformative security solutions to prevent the dreaded data breaches along with enabling clients’ business with platforms that are actionable, operationally efficient, and aligned with their business requirements to mitigate risks. With proven experience of over 13 years in delivering cybersecurity solutions across various verticals, IOvations assists organizations with security solutions and services that are optimized for results and security readiness in a dynamic enterprise ecosystem. The company offers advanced, actionable solutions for business IT cloud, data center, and endpoint security along with a wide range of services tailored to best meet the business needs of its clients.

Dynamic Enterprise Ecosystem

The ever-evolving enterprise ecosystem coupled with an expansive attack surface has inspired threat actors to transcend the traditional methods of security controls for infiltration, with phishing still being a major vector of attack resulting in Generation V threats such as ransomware and crypto miners. Not only are threat actors and attackers becoming bolder and more sophisticated but they are also turning out to be stealthier than ever, often remaining dormant inside corporate networks for weeks or even months without being discovered. These intruders, if not detected and acted upon immediately, can cause massive data exfiltration from an organization’s environment. IOvations’ proactive approach to security assessment identifies security gaps, and employs solutions and services that eliminate such risks in a timely and effective manner, thus saving organizations from the grave repercussions of cyber attacks.

IOvations’ proficient technical employees have extensive experience in the cybersecurity space and work together toward a common goal of holistically enhancing enterprise security as well as driving clients’ business enablement. The company doesn’t merely provide rudimentary access control but delivers integrated solutions that can scale to support the clients’ business today and also in the future, while regularly and efficiently mitigating risks associated with an expansive attack surface. “We take into account how extensible the technology needs to be from a software perspective coupled with a superlative operational capability to cohesively institute various security policies across an organization in a consistent manner,” states Christopher Quinn, COO at IOvations. Further, the company focuses on operationally optimizing the solutions that it delivers on an ongoing basis for better businesses enablement.

We focus on the middle stages of the cyber kill chain to build solutions that can enhance the overall visibility

Holistic View of Business Environments for Enhanced Security

From collaborating with organizations to design strategies to developing, implementing, and optimizing relevant solutions, IOvations transforms its clients’ businesses for security readiness. The company’s approach to designing of strategies is centered on garnering complete visibility into clients’ business environments. “We make specific recommendations on how the design could be enhanced and optimized to maximize security efficiencies so that threat actors can be prevented. Visibility, education, and action are the key elements to staying ahead of the curve,” adds Quinn. The company engages with clients consistently with their suite of Oventium services, thus ensuring their security stacks remain optimized across multiple domains of business. IOvations acknowledges the fact that no solution is fail-safe and hence continually assists clients in modernizing their security approach to mitigate the risks associated with an ever-expanding attack surface.

“We focus on the middle stages of the cyber kill chain to build solutions that can enhance the overall visibility, help identify anomalies, and mitigate them early,” states Jim Sacco, founder and CEO of IOvations. The company also leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide round-the-clock monitoring and detection services based on the unique requirements of clients from various commercial as well as government segments. The approach that IOvations takes in assisting these businesses can be illustrated by how the company collaborated with a client from the federal government space to modernize their security infrastructure. IOvations first assessed the client’s objectives, identified high-priority areas for improvement, and then devised an effective strategy to implement as well as optimize advanced systems with regard to network, security, and cloud assets.

Another client from the real estate industry solicited IOvations’ help in assessing their overall policy design based on the comprehensive visibility into who is doing what, where, when, and why. The client also wanted to ensure whether the results of the assessment were in alignment with their security framework. IOvations delivered various tools that provided the client with a comprehensive view of their policy structure, which also helped the real estate investment firm modernize as well as optimize their overall policy design. Furthermore, IOvations provided guidance to the client on how their design could be upgraded and optimized to be more efficient and effective in terms of security controls enabled to prevent threat actors from causing any harm.

Securing the Cloud with AI

IOvations draws on its experiences of working with a wide variety of clients in prognosticating the evolutions in the network security space. “Cloud computing has been a prevalent practice and now we are seeing a dramatic proliferation of organizations migrating their critical workloads to the cloud, which calls for new security measures,” remarks Sacco. IOvations promises to offer security solutions that can span the cloud ecosystem and maximize the business and operational benefits associated with cloud-based infrastructure. The company focuses on providing extensible and productive micro-segmented security without intruding into the clients’ critical workloads.
IOvations’ comprehensive experience coupled with a deep understanding of security requirements within the cloud environments help the company design security layers for clients’ critical cloud assets.

Furthermore, IOvations leverages AI DLP solutions to improve the prevention of data losses both at rest as well as in transit by gaining more visibility into anomalistic events occurring in an environment. With the help of machine learning, the company maps the entire environment from a data point of view to identify if any portion of the critical data is being exfiltrated and then immediately solves the problem. As a result, not only does IOvations prevent unintended data loss but also eliminates the risks associated with intended data loss. “We have adopted a more strategic and actionable approach to security with the help of AI, through our managed offering— Oventium,” mentions Quinn.

Oventium Service Platform

IOvations lays great emphasis on evolving constantly and offering solutions that are easily scalable and ahead of the curve by building partnerships with providers of innovative and extensible software. Recently, the company has introduced their Oventium Service Platform, a managed offering for advanced threat detection that uses AI to highlight attack lifecycles along with identifying and destroying malicious processes in the middle stages of the cyber kill chain. Oventium—a confluence of machine learning, and behavioral analytics, and AI—is proactive in advanced threat detection with an ability to consolidate data from disparate sources and ensure actionable visibility into events, all in a non-intrusive manner. IOvations’ Oventium service is monitored 24x7, providing high fidelity alerts and accelerating clients’ ability to act on events with confidence and focus. Oventium also facilitates strong collaboration with clients to compare findings and work together on actionable steps to remediate the situation.
IOvations developed this managed offering aimed at midsize enterprises and focused on organizations that faced operational capacity challenges in addition to fatigue associated with security information and event management (SIEM). The services that IOvations provides through the Oventium platform cater to every stage of an organization’s business transformation lifecycle and also assist with clients’ expansion to a hybrid cloud scenario. IOvations also provides various advanced tools for analyzing the overall health an organization’s environment, offering a holistic view of the existing policies, configurations, as well as discrepancies if any, and ultimately shoring up the design and policy for an enhanced security posture.

“By leveraging AI in a dynamic way, we can identify critical stages of the attack lifecycle as they occur, which we think is tremendously important. And not just detecting those anomalies but also taking action in a precise manner to repair the situation,” points Quinn. Oventium also focuses on data active protection services for organizations to ensure that employees access only that part of the enterprise data that they are authorized for. Exfiltration attempts, whether intentional or not, can be quickly identified and remediated.

The Oventium Service Platform is on the right track to solidifying existing partnerships for IOvations along with opening new doorways. IOvations is also working on incorporating more machine learning and analytics capabilities into its next-generation solutions to make accelerated decisions, communicate and mitigate risks more quickly and effectively, and ultimately drive more effective business enablement. “With an annual growth rate of 25 percent, we will continue to enhance our offerings with security services and solutions that will ensure an ROI impact for our clients,” concludes Sacco.


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Jim Sacco, Founder & CEO and Christopher Quinn, Chief Operating Officer

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