IP Services: Solving "unsolvable" ITProblems With Ease

Scott Alldridge, CEO
In the realm of Information Technology, work falls in to one of two categories. The first category is operations, which is responsible for running the IT systems already in place. The second category, is projects, often referred to by beleaguered IT pros as "the work we meant to do". This is the work that supports the changing needs of the business. And in a dynamic and growing business, the ongoing stream of project demands should be a top priority for IT.

Many organizations have already engaged in the search for a service provider to offload the operations of their critical systems, freeing up more internal resources to focus on strategic new projects that support the changing needs of the business. Not all service providers are created equal. And for a hard charging IT organization that may be considering the services of a 3rd party to help manage critical business systems, Eugene based IP Services which is uniquely positioned in helping clients manage critical systems and applications in private, public, and hybrid clouds would be a wise choice. "Our expertise is in IT Best Practices and Processes which we use to develop a system of quality control. IP Services proactively manages clients' critical systems and applications in any datacenter. Using TotalControl™, we solve 'unsolvable' IT problems; the ones that others are unable or unwilling to tackle," says Scott Alldridge, CEO of IP Services.

The Origins

IP Services was initiated to provide the expertise in managing critical IT systems and applications, delivering high availability using the proven best practices of its crew. The companies state of the art solutions reduces costs, and allows clients to meet compliance standards while keeping their IT teams focused on the strategic directives of their companies.
The crucial differentiator which sets this company apart from the rest of the competition is TotalControl™, which is a quality control system based on globally recognized best practices and frameworks like ITIL and VisibileOps. IP Services also prides itself on its people's expertise and experience, its well-defined integrated processes and controls, and its ability to use technology to help its clients enjoy the benefits of a reliable and predictable Managed IT Services without the associated hurdles and costs. In addition, IP Services manages IT Systems in any datacenter, including clients' datacenters and has the ability to manage any kind of applications. "We don't just limit ourselves to the typically supported applications that other providers may support, we are experts in managing the real core applications that run your business!" adds Alldridge.

IP Services delivers a suite of services in the following disciplines covering all aspects of IT Service Management for Cloud Management, Application Management, Infrastructure Management, Security Management, and Business Continuity.

IP Services clients range from Fortune 1000 companies to smaller companies with heavy concentration in both banking and health care.

The company plans to continue its good run into the future by focusing on delivering proven best practices IT Managed Services allowing clients to subscribe to IT Maturity and Best Practices in order to enjoy the benefits and reduce costs. The company will also concentrate on Management of Cloud Services in a world where Cloud Clutter and confusion abounds, bringing clarity to integrated cloud solutions that are appropriate, controlled, and secure for its clients!

IP Services

Eugene, OR

Scott Alldridge, CEO

A provider of IT Management solutions for Business Critical Systems and Applications of Enterprise and SMB companies who have business critical systems