IP Trade: Mission-Critical Real-Time Collaboration

CIO VendorChristopher Corridon, Managing Director
Transportation, energy, finance and healthcare are just a few of the industries that touch our lives every day and depend on highly specialized real-time communications systems to help ensure that our trains and planes run on time, financial markets function and public safety professionals can respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies.
IP Trade, a Belgium-based company, is a leading provider of these mission-critical communications applications. And through their partnership with Cisco, IP Trade delivers unique collaboration solutions for these environments that natively integrate with Cisco’s market-leading networking, compute and collaborations architecture.

The IP Trade solution includes a high-performance graphical user interface (GUI) that enables users to simultaneously monitor many communications streams and connect with up to 10,000 contacts at the touch of a button. The application can run on purpose-built devices (called trading turrets or dispatch consoles), a personal computer or a tablet or smartphone. So no matter what the situation or where they are, people can be part of the communication and decision-making process.

This application is commonly used on the trading floors of investment banks and operations control centers for utilities, airlines and emergency services centers to increase productivity and enable split-second response to time-sensitive situations. The primary benefit is that all voice, video and data communications and collaboration can be managed from almost any device, is accessible from anywhere and increases situational awareness, coordination and responsiveness.

The solution is powered by two virtualized software applications that integrate seamlessly with the Cisco collaboration and networking architecture and reside on the customer’s computing servers anywhere on their network.
The IP Trade media manager supports instantaneous conferencing on a massive scale and provides users with unique features and workflow capabilities including: shared one-touch connections to voice and radio trunks as well as access to thousands of speed dials.

Being a native SIP application on Cisco Unified Communications Manager means that virtually all features and applications available to IP phone users are extended to IP Trade users and they can all share lines and show presence.

As a global partner of Cisco Solutions Plus and Cisco Developer Network, IP Trade offer end-to-end solutions that have been tested and certified to meet the highest standards for integration and interoperability and available globally from a single source through the Cisco partner network.

At Pacific Gas & Electric, one of the USA’s largest public energy companies, they have deployed the IP Trade platform as part of a multi-phase project to increase the safety and efficiency of their natural gas and electricity operations through improved awareness, communications and collaboration among their operations centers, field personnel and more than five million customers in Northern California.

Whether it’s a phone call from a customer about potential gas information gathered from the SCADA system about a developing problem, PG&E can respond quickly and communicate proactively to ensure the best outcome.

With clients like United Airlines, the European Investment Bank and some of the world’s leading investment managers, IP Trade aims to support the latest Cisco UC capabilities such as Jabber and Telepresence as well as integration with Cisco's Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio including the Connected Safety and Security Portfolio.

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Christopher Corridon, Managing Director

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