IPC Systems: Global Connectivity for Financial Trading

Don Henderson, SVP, Product and Customer Success
The use of data and voice connectivity for communicating trade information is just not enough for organizations that operate in the increasingly complex and competitive financial services industry. Firms cannot fully rely on trading partners all over the world or afford to have connectivity issues that hinder sourcing liquidity or mitigating risk. For efficient exchange of trading information, businesses need a one-stop solution provider that can offer a high-performance network and unite the various financial trading communication methods. To fulfill this requirement, IPC’s portfolio of Financial Markets Network services for data, voice, and enterprise connectivity aims to help organizations in trading faster than ever before all while becoming more agile, and enhancing competitive advantage. “Today, businesses are looking for highly secure Unified Communications (UC) solutions that have the operational reliability to ensure that the right trading information governance is instilled within the company,” begins Don Henderson, SVP, Product and Customer Success, IPC.

New York based IPC is a provider of comprehensive UC solutions that powers financial markets globally, helps clients anticipate change and solves problems, and offers best-in-class financial industry expertise. With a customer-centric approach, IPC collaborates with each of its clients to understand their individual needs to make them secure, productive, and compliant within IPC’s connected fi-nancial market community. The company provides agile and efficient ways for its customers to accelerate their individual ability to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of advanced data networks, compliance, and collaboration with firms across the financial markets community. “We’re focused on providing end-to-end and seamless customer experiences to our clients,” explains Henderson. “And, because we have such a large and diverse community of over 6,000 locations, our ability to deliver integrated UC solutions is quick and reliable.”

The IPC Financial Markets Network provides access to a variety of communication sources—so that organizations can focus on growing their businesses, and not managing multiple suppliers.

We’re focused on providing end-to-end and seamless customer experiences to our clients

Firms can control costs and reduce complexity by consolidating networks, technologies, and vendors. Whether the customers require access to a new location, are tackling new regulations, or need connectivity, joining the IPC Financial Markets Network, which can be centrally monitored and managed, can help enterprises accomplish their business goals with ease.

IPC’s Cloud Unigy combines with the IPC Financial Markets Network to provide a fully managed and cloud-hosted environment. Unigy servers are co-located in IPC data center locations, with connectivity to front rooms provided over an IPC-managed network connection. In addition, IPC provides a full-service wrapper to monitor, manage, and maintain the Unigy environment and connectivity on behalf of the end user for a monthly recurring cost.

A single, integrated platform for trading communications and applications, Unigy is designed specifically to make the entire trading environment more productive, intelligent, and efficient. Using the latest standards-based technology and a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Cloud Unigy leverages the private cloud nature of the Financial Markets Network by helping to minimize cost of ownership and reduce operational headaches.

With a focus on cloud technologies, IPC plans to migrate all of its services to a cloud delivery model. IPC’s engagement with its clients in the financial market is unique in that the company has a very large and unique financial customer base. “We’re really uniquely positioned to continue to innovate with our solutions for the customers in the financial services industry,” concludes Henderson. “We focus on enhancing our ability to empower our customers, make them agnostic, and create collaboration around Financial Markets Network.”

IPC Systems

Jersey City, NJ

Don Henderson, SVP, Product and Customer Success

Focuses on delivering compliant unified communications solutions to its clients in the financial market community