IPitimi: Connecting Businesses, the IP Way

Greg Nielsen, Founder and CEO The Blackrock Desert in Northern Nevada has no inhabitants, water, electricity and, no internet or phone service, but for innovative entrepreneur Greg Nielsen and his company IPitimi (pronounced like epitome), it is all in a day’s work. During the annual Burning Man festival approximately 80,000 people gather in the Black Rock desert creating what becomes the sixth largest city in Nevada during the period known as “Black Rock City”. The whole point for Burning Man is about extreme self-reliance in such harsh conditions where, understandably, there shouldn’t be communications, but the work Nielsen and his company do, isn’t for them anyway. Just a mile outside of Black Rock City on the same dusty desert floor is another camp established by the Federal Department of the Interior where more than 250 federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management, DOT, State, County and local law enforcement as well as medical services rely on IPitimi to communicate with each other and with the rest of the world. IPitimi’s innovative voice and fax technology is at the core of a global satellite company named Lyman Communications that engineered a broadband solution for these mission critical services, emergency medical facilities, mobile command centers, BLM logistics and even a jail. “It takes an extremely flexible as well as extremely stable and reliable solution in order for IPitimi to continually be selected for such deployments,” remarks Nielsen, IPitimi Founder and CEO.

It’s more than just providing stability and reliability, the IPitimi voice solution is so quick and easy to deploy, that it is also used in the same manner by the U.S. Forest service for a rapid deployment system for emergency and first responders when an outbreak or fire occurs. Recently, IPitimi‘s solution was deployed at the Fish Fire Camp in California where its VoIP solution supported voice and fax communications for more than 500 fire, medical and emergency response personnel in the middle of the mountains during the raging California wild fires. This is only one of the examples of how quickly their solution can be deployed as well as the mission critical nature of IPitimi’s deployments for its customers.

As a driven entrepreneur, Nielsen’s solutions have been deployed all over the world, in places much more remote than even Burning Man, in the middle of the Gobi Desert, in Mongolia to be specific. Obviously, this isn’t the real world for the rest of us, but it is a great summary of his entrepreneurship and innovation. IPitimi is getting noticed worldwide because of the types of deployments that they do every day in a very diverse range of industries. Some of their call center customers are well known travel and hospitality providers, while other notable contact centers use IPitimi to assist emergency room doctors and nurses in hospitals around the country in the programing and maintenance of life saving pace makers. Other customers are a city municipality wherein IPitimi went in two years ago and fixed another company’s failed deployment across the city. More specifically in the police, fire, and emergency dispatch contact center, where still today, IPitimi provides the call recording, internet, and telephony services that they operate 24/7. In many cases with IPitimi, it’s more than just mission critical, its life or death. “We treat all of our customers with the same high degree of service availability because a customer’s business, whatever it is, is the most important thing to them,” remarks Nielsen.

Nielsen has a track record of thinking differently, and it started when he was young. He’s been recognized
for participation in startup and entrepreneurial competitions since he was in High School. In his early 20’s, he was a finalist in a statewide college entrepreneurial competition. In 2012, he was named by YMBL to the Austin 40 under 40, and just last year in Vienna, Austria at the Pioneers Festival, Nielsen was awarded the winner of the StartupBus Europe competition with thousands of applicants and hundreds of participants from dozens of countries around the world for a WebRTC communications product he built with a team of 3 others in less than 72 hours.

Bringing Businesses and their Customers Closer

At its core, IPitimi is a hosted and UC services provider. IPitimi has standardized on and leveraged the industry best UC platforms built by the likes of Broadsoft. The company offers a cloud-based UC platform that brings together communication services like IM, presence, voice and video calls, multi-party video collaboration, and desktop sharing in real-time to enhance team efficiency and boost productivity. The platform keeps distributed and mobile teams connected across locations and time zones, so that the contact centers can act immediately on business opportunities and respond quickly to customer requests. It can also integrate into existing CRM systems, eliminating silos of corporate information and reporting. “With hosted UC, contact centers can reduce network bottlenecks, simplify call routing, and eliminate sizable CAPEX spending,” claims Nielsen.

Delivering a Seamless Automation Experience

IPitimi offers the industry’s most powerful Interactive Voice Response and voice automation system in a geo-redundant cloud-based architecture that also works with legacy systems or as a component of one of its more advanced installations. This enables the company to provide a seamless automated experience for client’s customers who can use their telephone to update accounts, change reservations or manage just about anything that could be done with a computer or a live agent. “Adding voice automation to contact centers is a huge advantage. For this purpose, businesses come to us with a wide range of legacy ERP or CRM systems that they can’t break away from, so we help them make it work,” says Rick Dubois, CFO, IPitimi.

However, adding voice automation to existing enterprise software is easier said than done and it often costs millions of dollars. The process requires a matter of understanding the data warehouse location and exchanging some secure credentials with system connectors and the rest of the time is spent determining what data businesses want to share or capture. The same is true for other elements of the customer contact center where every business has their own workflow or preferred methods. “We can map out all these needs and fit this into any of their existing ERP or CRM system like a set of Lego blocks,” says Nielsen.

Unleashing the Business Opportunities

As many contact centers can be limited geographically or by workforce issues, IPitimi can seamlessly connect multiple contact centers reducing the limitations put on a particular business. “We can have contact centers all over the world seamlessly connected helping them to follow-the-sun, moving workloads to different geographic locations to efficiently balance resources and demand,” says Dubois. Businesses can easily design call flows, call queues or follow-the-sun routing without trying to re-create it on a location by location basis. Rather than waiting months for the proper infrastructure, local and long distance circuits, deployment, and management of premise based systems at each location, which seldom talk to each other, IPitimi’s solution can help setup contact centers the same day. “Just like we do for our emergency responder deployments, but instead it’s to save a business, rather than lives,” states Nielsen. For a contact center, this can save millions on deployments, corresponding management, and eliminate their significant time to market delay expenses. Best of all,
they will never have to forklift out their architecture again, because IPitimi provides all of the software upgrades and maintenance. “We also build open communication with our clients and help them innovate and develop their own long-term strategy with our open API’s and systems, so it is still their system, not just ours,” remarks Nielsen.

Business Intelligence for Thorough Contact Center Insights

IPitimi’s Business Intelligence (BI) helps contact centers know how they work, when they are most efficient, and who is most efficient. BI provides reports detailing number of phone calls received and from whom on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. When translated and shown in an easy-to-read graph and series of reports, this data shows more than just phone line, staffing, and system needs, it shows market demands, advertising campaign effectiveness and more.

Building the Geo-redundant VoIP Networks

“IPitimi operates a national 100 percent IP based network,” says Nielsen. IPitimi’s VoIP backbone features best-of-breed engineering and a geographically redundant super-nodes architecture to ensure that every single connection and call runs over its private network. The company’s systems are built on industry best Cisco, Broadsoft, Acme Packet, Sonus and General Bandwidth as part of its technology. “We are pioneers in IP Telephony, and our current architecture and network design does amazing things to help manage packet loss, jitter, and latency regardless of location or bandwidth provider,” extols Nielsen.

Services that Keep VoIP Ticking

“Most providers install VoIP service and expect it to work and then rely upon customers to manage their network appropriately,” says Nielsen. “But VoIP service in a corporate network is like a ‘canary in a coalmine’—it’s the first thing to give indications that something bad is happening elsewhere.” IPitimi has advanced systems that monitor not only its own VoIP network and each of its elements, but also each of the customer’s network, including LAN and WAN traffic, Router CPU utilization, and network quality and speed.

Furthering the Inroads into Contact Center Excellence

IPitimi serves clients from all over the world with more than 70 percent of its customer revenue derived from a half dozen countries outside of the U.S. IPitimi’s full service network communications and engineering specialization are consumed by medium to Fortune 1000 companies. The company also has opened offices around the world to provide round the clock support to its rapidly growing base of customers that expect the same mission critical support to them that they provide to their own customers, clients, constituents or patients.

With hosted UC, contact centers can reduce network bottlenecks, simplify call routing, and eliminate sizable CAPEX spending

IPitimi is furthering its expansions in the contact center market by leveraging real-time communications or WebRTC—a technology that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing. In addition, IPitimi is working towards adaptation of mobility in the contact center where people will no longer be tied down to a desk, but will be able to work effortlessly without the encumbrance of a keyboard or mouse.


Austin, TX

Greg Nielsen, Founder and CEO and Rick Dubois, CFO. Ravi Vedantam, CTO. Jenn Smith, VP Operations. Alan Pourafzal, VP Engineering and Support.

IPitimi is a leading IP services provider merging advanced voice applications with cloud, offering end-to-end IP telephony over one of the largest all IP networks in the world.