IQS: Charts Course for Successful EQMS Implementation

Michael Rapaport, President & CEO
The concept that everything in manufacturing needs to be “on time and on target is easier said than done,” and presents a challenge compounded when combined with a mix of dynamic regulations, standards and other factors specific to an industry, not to mention the constantly evolving and innovating advancements in technology. With that in mind, President and CEO of IQS, Michael Rapaport addresses the challenge by successfully delivering his company’s Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) solutions similar to how a ship’s captain plans for and executes an ocean crossing.

“I’m very focused on planning a course, and charting that course, and then, once underway, staying very focused on the elements to make sure we don’t steer away from our course, and we always want to arrive safely and successfully,” says Rapaport, a keen sailor. Successful management of the voyage is enhanced by having good data, which he says is akin to a boat’s navigation tools, and by the company’s employees, which he likens to a highly experienced and well-trained ship’s crew.

Founded in 1988, Ohio-based IQS has been delivering EQMS solutions to companies in the automotive, aerospace, medical device, “discrete” manufacturing, and oil and gas industries for almost three decades. IQS’s flexible and intuitive software is primarily focused on operational quality and the management of industrial standards and regulations, while incorporating other elements of the EQMS sphere. In fact, IQS is building capability for adjacent disciplines including Environmental Management and Occupational Health & Safety.

While IQS software can still be deployed on premise, the company has transitioned to the SaaS based model, but will be able to set up “hybrid” solutions for companies that might need to meld both due to collaboration with suppliers and/or other manufacturers utilizing on-site systems. With all of the recent technological advances, IQS has architected its products to be browser independent and mobile ready.

At the end of day the goal is to have a central repository of ‘quality’ data that can be accessed by all

Going forward, IQS is poised to continue leveraging disrupting technology, with Rapaport pointing to the “Internet of things” as being key. “IQS is leveraging the SaaS, Cloud and other web-based evolving technologies with its most recent platform, “Trubox™,” which is designed to ease the user experience, as “over the years we’ve learned that user adoption is one of the biggest challenges.”

With more than 28 years in the business, customers in 13 countries, and its software translated into nine languages, Rapaport believes IQS has established itself as one of the top deliverers of EQMS in its business sector, and points to a dedicated, long-term existing customer base, as well as five-year 30 percent annual compound growth rate in new customers.

Future goals of the company include accelerating existing customer-base adoption of IQS on the Trubox platform; expanding on the success of implementing IQS in larger, global enterprise deals; amplifying the company’s presence in China; and deploying its latest technology, “Trugate,” that will allow third parties to develop plug-ins to add additional capabilities to the platform. The company also plans to boost its marketing message—”Quality for All”—so as to improve user adoption. “We are pricing and licensing software at a price point that is not restrictive in use and can be rolled out to all users in an organization,” said Rapaport. “With SaaS we are positioned to meet every demand of the ‘cloud-first’ organization without compromise in configurability, integration and user adoption.”


North Olmsted, OH

Michael Rapaport, President & CEO

Develops and delivers EQMS solutions to companies in the aerospace, automotive, medical device and discrete manufacturing sectors