iResult: Intelligence for Data-informed Decisions to Address Student Needs

Dawn Verdick, Founder & CEO
Several schools and for-profit communities are seen diving into the Big Data technology, not just for its ability to mine crucial data, but also to help students achieve their prospective goals. Dawn Verdick, Founder and CEO of iResult quotes, “We know that every school and every community wants to achieveone common goal—giving each young person a chance to reach their dreams. So, we created intelligence tools designed especially for educators and mentors to help their students turn this vision into reality.” Located in Monterey, CA, iResult, a for-profit social enterprise, builds Impact Management solutions to highlight key information that decision-makers need to know so that their actions yield the best results. Verdick adds, “In order to assist organizations achieve their goals, we needed to create a solution that deals with large data sets and turn that information into insight.” With deep technology expertise in consumer intelligence systems, the company captures insights, measures impacts and correlates programs to results, and automates these actions.

iResult allows both schools and non-profits to leverage its Impact Management Solution so that they could arm themselves with insight and intelligence needed to make effective, data-informed decisions that address students’ needs. Clients use the Impact Management Solution to execute management methodologies, and consolidate data from multiple sources in one impact dashboard to view, filter and analyze data across schools, interventions, sub-groups and multiple indicators. Institutions also implement Impact Analytics to track results of students and move them to new proficiency levels accordingly. They then use iResult’s intelligence to guide students on their path to college and career.
The company refers to this entire process as “Managing by Results”. The power of iResult lies in its ability to aid a leader in implementing this management methodology.

Using iResult’s Impact Reporting Services, clients can gain insights into simplified periodic reports of student results. The tool provides grant/program evaluation reports, student engagement reports, academic progress and college readiness reports.

iResult’s solutions act as a great fit into the marketplace as the company allows clients to use data for faster managerial decisions of school districts and non-profit organizations. This way, clients can focus on directing their resources to support the most effective programs. “By working with innovative community, education and non-profit leaders, we have applied our expertise to elevate the outcomes of student-centric initiatives,” states Verdick.

Dr. Marilyn Shepherd, former Superintendent of Monterey Peninsula Unified School District expresses, “iResult helped empower our school district’s leadership to focus on data that mattered most and elevate results by looking at the whole student.”

For the coming months, it is the company’s vision to unveil enhancements for its dashboards that it has been working on for the past one year—including a powerful intervention dashboard. iResult believes these enhancements could heighten and support a leader’s toolbox a lot more than before. The company will continue innovating solutions that bring the concept of Big Data analytics to clients in the K-12 education space.


Monterey, CA

Dawn Verdick, Founder & CEO

iResult is a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to youth success that builds solutions to highlight key information for decision makers.