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Dhimant Bhayani, CEO, iRevo Multimedia, Inc.
With most premises closed, business was affected negatively by the pandemic for most of last year, technological innovations never seized to stop. In fact, the new normal has fostered incremental improvements on or refinements of technologies at a tremendous pace, allowing businesses across domains to optimize processes and stay afloat. In the midst of this relentless paradigm shift, marketing, and communications—as an industry—is expected to scale new heights, especially in Digital Signage submarkets.

And this comes as no surprise. Nearly 45.9 percent of businesses consider customer experience (cx) as their top priority for the coming five years. In this regard, innovative digital signage solutions will be a crucial enabler as it allows companies to seamlessly deliver compelling content at the right location, at the right time, to the target audience for maximum impact.

It is now easier than ever before to use Digital Signage solutions to deliver information via images, videos, animations, text, and other Web content on a large TV, Tablet or Computer to effectively communicate with the target audience. They give companies an opportunity to display a wide variety of content from Social Media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, as well as content stored on-premises, on their own cloud platform, or generated by their enterprise applications. Technology and use cases have evolved to support interactivity via a touch screen and mobile apps. Information can be carried by a user via a QR Code or audience measured via web camera. Companies can even inform users, make them act upon information, and analyze the messaging impact on the target audience. What seals the deal is the fact that it’s cost-effective, simple to set up, and easy to use!

iRevo Multimedia is one of the frontrunners in this growing market, offering next-generation Digital Signage solutions with Android application for Smart TV and Media Player as well as Web application for PCs and Media Players. The company delivers the industry’s most comprehensive solution when it comes to supporting Content Types (images, videos, PDF and other document formats, HTML, Social Media, RSS feed, Calendar, Enterprise Applications, etc.) and Content Sources (iRevo Digital Signage Content Management System, NAS, Camera, IPTV, etc.)
iRevo Digital Signage (iDS) runs on an SoC Based Display (Smart TV), eliminating the need for an external media player for most use cases. “If a customer requires an external media player, iDS support the same. iDS playback application is available for Android, Chrome and Fire TV platform as well as a Web version that supports any device or a PC running a modern browser; greatly expanding the choice from the widest range of hardware,” says Dhimant Bhayani, CEO, iRevo Multimedia.

iDS solution is a Cloud-First solution running on Amazon AWS and is comprised of a signage authoring application, iDS Author and signage display management application, iDS Manage. Furthermore, iDS incorporates a Content Management System that is also hosted on Amazon AWS for a true cloud-based signage solution.

iDS signage playback Application runs on Android (Chrome and Fire TV) platform as well as on any device or a PC running a modern browser; greatly expanding the choice from the widest range of hardware

iDS application runs in browser, eliminating desktop application installations for better security. iDS is simple to setup, easy to use and manage, and offers rich features set. It supports the industry’s most comprehensive aggregation of content types and content sources. With iDS, users can deploy signage projects with touch and motion-triggered content without writing software. Lastly, it supports One Touch Video Calling and Presenting from a PC to TV (Aldo Presenter.)

“Digital Signage is an old and fragmented industry with use cases ranging from showing a static information on display, say restaurant menu to interactive kiosks. While supporting these traditional use cases, iRevo is differentiating with newer use cases like displaying real time information from ERP and CRM applications or broadcasting all hands meeting to company employees on TV Displays and employee computer desktops.” says Bhayani.

iRevo Multimedia’s value proposition can be better seen in its collaboration with a customer who wanted to display real-time information about the number of units shipped from their ERP application without having to deal with heavy integration. iRevo worked with this customer to set up the system to provide the information from their ERP application to a display running the iDS application. This was accomplished without sending customer data to iDS CMS (keeping it completely private and secure). The same display was time-multiplexed to display other information.

With such a robust platform, the company is expecting a significant broadening of enterprise use cases. “With Aldo Web Communication platform integrated in iDS, we are poised to be a leading provider of Enterprise Broadcast Network solution where any display (TV, PC, Tablet) can be dynamically updated to broadcast all hands meetings, emergency messages, and KPIs from ERP applications. iDS with One touch audio and video calling enables building virtual salesperson with a live product specialist at fingertip,” says Bhayani. Given that companies like Zoom and RingCentral have begun massive integration initiatives, iRevo plans to reach enterprise customer in partnership with other companies. “iRevo is uniquely positioned to work with popular third-party communication platforms and system integrators to bring newer use cases to enterprise and big brand retailers,” concludes Bhayani.

iRevo Multimedia

Sunnyvale, CA

Dhimant Bhayani, CEO, iRevo Multimedia, Inc.

iRevo is founded by an experienced team of Silicon Valley professionals with depth and breadth of knowledge in the areas of Consumer, Cloud and Device technologies. iRevo is one of a handful of companies that offers Platform as a Service (PaaS) and applications for Digital Signage (iDS) and embeddable Web Communication (Aldo). Having embraced the Cloud First approach, it supports all operating systems running on variety of devices and driving TV, Tablet, PC and Cellphone displays

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