I.R.I.S Inc.: Empowering DM Solutions with Input Automation

Ben Bilges, Director Partner Business Development
In the recent years, document management (DM) has undergone a sea change from document handling to extracting crucial data in order to increase efficiency through business process automation. Upcoming innovative technologies open up new opportunities in the DM market. Nevertheless, a vertical specific knowledge still holds the key to success of DM projects. “The implementation of comprehensive Document Management projects is sophisticated, as they directly affect companies’ business processes,” states Ben Bilges, Director of Partner Business Development, I.R.I.S. Inc. Delray Beach, Florida. I.R.I.S. targets document classification technologies and data capture toward building efficient business workflows and capable market solutions.

Bilges explains I.R.I.S.’s unique approach to address the specific vertical market challenges, “We blend our expertise in capture and data input with workflow and vertical experience of our partners.” I.R.I.S. focuses its efforts on creating integrable solutions that empower the partners’ systems with advanced classification and data extraction capabilities.

I.R.I.S. has understood which technology their partners require to quickly react to market changes and customer requirements. With IRISXtract™ for Documents, they developed a high-performance software solution platform using innovative technologies. “Instead of using zonal- or template-based recognition technologies that result in high maintenance costs we decided to follow an IDR-approach based on generic rulesets, free text search, and statistical classification. In addition, we developed preconfigured specific solution scenarios for e.g. invoice or order processing, digital mailroom projects or case management to reduce implementation times to a minimum,” says Bilges.

The firm’s cutting-edge solutions have helped clients from various industries, ranging from legal to healthcare. For instance, Siemens AG–a worldwide leader in electronic and electrical engineering, seeked to enhance the classification and data capture of their patent files. Using IRISXtract™ for Documents they can now classify the patent files faster and more accurately and extract relevant data that is to be used in the workflow management system, IPAS by unycom, Graz Austria. Ease of scalability and multi-application were additional benefits due to the modular architecture of IRISXtract™ for Documents. Now, the client processes more than 200,000 patent procedures within a year using an electronic file, which can be accessed from anywhere by personnel in its patent departments.

Our strategy is to work with Value Added Resellers, Business Process Outsourcing companies, and Shared Service Centers to form an alliance based on our input expertise plus workflow and vertical market experience of our partner

I.R.I.S.’s approach of gaining expertise and knowledge through partnerships helps the firm to stay ahead of its peers. “Our acquisition by Canon in 2013 helped us establish I.R.I.S. as a global player,” says Bilges. The company directs its efforts toward creating a customized product experience and looks forward to extending its cloud-based portfolio.

“Of course, cloud computing is one of the buzzwords these days. With IRISCloud™ hosted in our own data centers we are able to meet the upcoming request for on demand information management software solutions,” highlights Bilges. In its pursuit to offer integrable solutions, the company provides IDR™ Toolkit to integrate its sheer Intelligent Document Recognition Technology into any environment. I.R.I.S. ardently follows its mission to inject data efficiently into relevant business workflows and its solution, IRISXtract™ Digital Mailroom, manifests its efforts. Bilges adds, “Classification is the first step of business process optimization because this identifies the workflow of how the document is going to be processed.” IRISXtract™ Digital Mailroom analyzes documents in hard copy format as well as in more than 40 electronic formats, sorts them, and eventually passes them over into subsequent business systems or an electronic archive.

Ben Bilges outlines the market-driven progression of I.R.I.S. and gives a short futuristic outlook: “Currently we are working on automated separation scenarios detached from separation sheets or barcodes. A second innovation we are working on is a project that touches semantics. The artificial understanding and interpretation of any kind of text opens up the door to new opportunities. Another challenge we are going to meet is to extend our cloud-based portfolio and further develop the cloud-architecture.”


Delray Beach, Florida

Ben Bilges, Director Partner Business Development

Specializes in technologies that classify documents and capture contained data to enhance business productivity by process automation