IronBench: Ready-to-Use Cloud Ecosystems with DevOps Behaviors

Matthew Edwards, Founder & CEO
For most modern-day businesses, transitioning into a secure enterprise cloud system can be a time-consuming process, not to mention the costs incurred can be staggering. Enter IronBench, with its arsenal of security products to assist companies securely adopt, implement, and evolve cloud ecosystems in very short time with reduced costs of acquisition and ownership. “We provide a secure cloud ecosystem achieved with DevOps behaviors, to our customers in a matter of hours or days—a process that would normally take months,” says Matthew Edwards, the founder and CEO of IronBench. The company is unique due to the fact that it uses its products first to see how it performs before implementing it for its clients. Their perfectly balanced equation of building innovative software with an equal focus on “security and performance by design” is something the IronBench team demonstrates in every project they work on.

In his observation, Edwards notes that often times clients are in a hurry to get into the cloud and reap its full benefits while assuming various aspects like test-driven development, information security and performance to be already there. Many customers desire 100 percent software-defined infrastructure, pipelines, appstacks and DevOps behaviors but lack the knowledge and experience that it requires. To this end, IronBench built a DevOps-focused, secure, enterprise cloud ecosystem enabler called IronBench Cloud Config. Dependent upon the explicit needs of the client, Iron Bench’s Cloud Config product can help anyone enter a secure framework in a predictable, repeatable, and auditable manner with an automated delivery pipeline in little over a day. Rather than waiting for infrastructure and delivery pipeline build-outs to happen as pre-requisites to many projects, IronBench Cloud Config can help businesses get straight to building software, generating revenue and serving their customers.

When it comes to opting for a vendor, organizations find that every cloud provider provides different types of services. New cloud users face a challenge in understanding which tools and services they need and in what order they would require them to build their software quickly. IronBench assists these clients in identifying their business goals and problems and provides recommendations for converting them into opportunities.

We provide a secure cloud ecosystem achieved with DevOps behaviors, to our customers in a matter of hours or days—a process that would normally take months

As part of their implementation package, they also offer training around the tools and behaviors necessary to get teams from where they are to where they want to go. “To adopt DevOps and secure cloud requires not only the obvious change in tools, processes, and services but more importantly, a change in the minds and culture of the teams,” states Edwards.

IronBench Cloud Config helps customers set up end to end secure, enterprise-class, software-defined everything including networking, servers, security, testing and predictable, repeatable, auditable delivery. For instance, one of their customers with a global footprint, required a secure, enterprise-class, 100 percent software-defined delivery pipeline template that could be replicated dynamically anywhere in the world. IronBench helped to define the organization’s security-defined, delivery framework that included everything from build, bundle and deploy to infrastructure testing, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and auditable deployment documentation per software build.

With customers ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies, IronBench is focusing on marking its geographical footprint in the U.S. They are currently working to further simplify the Cloud Config product so that customers can start accessing the product online through the customer portal and then ask for professional services if and when needed. As the culture of software-defined, test-driven everything happens at the same time as cloud adoption and DevOps, Iron bench is uniquely positioned to bring immediate value to customers from business problem definition to testable, auditable, security-defined implementation and the training that goes along with it. Why? Because the teams at IronBench don’t just build it, they live it.


Urbandale, IA

Matthew Edwards, Founder & CEO

Provides a suite of security products that help companies securely adopt, implement, and evolve cloud ecosystems, securely manage Linux assets and implement regulatory/compliance programs