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Brent Bishop, President & CEO
The companies that keep everyone’s power, water, and communication networks functioning around the clock face challenges that are usually completely invisible to the consumer: keeping mission-critical assets maintained and optimally functional, meeting regulatory standards and documenting compliance, and ensuring the safety of both the public and their workforce—all while operating as efficiently as possible. The fact that these challenges remain transparent to end users is a credit to the providers and their partners.

UtiliSphere is revolutionizing the way organizations automate operational processes

irth Solutions is one of those partners, serving 80 percent of U.S. utility and telecom companies with its flagship product UtiliSphere. This platform automates work processes with an analytical engine integrated with internal and external systems. It captures, consolidates, and pushes data to field technicians who can then collect and submit updated data from the worksite. On the back end, the engine analyzes the results of data collection and work process automation to improve efficiency. “Our APIs can push and pull data from ERP, GIS, and asset management systems, and even custom legacy platforms,” explains Derrek Seif, SVP of Product Strategy, irth Solutions.

“We’ve really focused on UtiliSphere because it is the all-encompassing solution and our flagship product in utilities, energy, and telecommunications,” says Seif. He outlines three major factors that differentiate UtiliSphere. The platform includes a market-leading damage prevention solution that is seamlessly integrated with all field workflows, enabling the use of a single platform to manage the many different activities a technician might be required to perform during a day. Because it is cloud-based, irth Solutions can innovate rapidly and deliver new features and functionality.
Derrek Seif, SVP of Product Strategy
Finally, the company’s customer success team drives implementation and provides education with the goal of ensuring that every customer is as successful as possible and derives the most value from the product.

One particular client, a Fortune 500 energy and utility provider, was operating with a patchwork of custom applications, manual processes, and spreadsheets that had been pieced together over time to meet specific demands. UtiliSphere consolidated all of those functions in a single cloud-based, mobile-ready platform, but more importantly, it added functionality that was previously unattainable, such as data correlation, detailed reporting and analytics, and automated updating. Implementation of UtiliSphere resulted in an annual savings of over $1 million and reduced data entry costs by almost one-third.

This is just one example of UtiliSphere’s eminent success. “We have as customers 12 of the top 15 energy, utility, and telecom companies in the country,” states Brent Bishop, CEO, irth Solutions. “We have strong customer relationships, demonstrated by an extremely high customer retention rate.” While focusing on their core business, irth Solutions is also taking aim at non-utility markets with the newly developed product, WorkSpace, which includes all of UtiliSphere’s non-utility-specific functionality. Bishop comments, “We still see the growth potential of the company as significant within our traditional verticals, but now with the advent of WorkSpace, we’ve added a capability to approach industries outside our core customers.”

The company’s focus for the future will be the Internet of Things (IoT). Seif describes UtiliSphere as a “must-have in the IoT value chain,” and the company will continue to develop the software’s capabilities for IoT data management and machine learning.

UtiliSphere offers codeless customer-level customization and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that minimizes training, deployment, and adoption time. “UtiliSphere is revolutionizing the way organizations automate operational processes,” says Seif. “We are committed to offering the most customizable solution for complex workflows.”

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Brent Bishop, President & CEO and Derrek Seif, SVP of Product Strategy

Provides a mobile workforce management and one call ticket management software suite for oil & gas, energy, telecom and utilities companies

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