ISB Global: End-to-End Software Solution for the Waste Management and Recycling Sector

Chris Williams, Managing Director
Every department in an organization requires software functions unique to their needs—applications exist for accounting, CRM, operations, and mobile amongst others. The key challenge is to integrate the end-to-end processes in a single software solution.

ISB Global, based in London, UK, has developed “Waste & Recycling One” (WR1) as an add-on for SAP Business One to integrate operations and accounting, automating data and process in the waste recycling, new energy, and environmental sectors. “We enable small to midsized companies manage their entire end to end process from Order Management, Order Execution, Logistics, Mobility, Scales (weighing), Recycling, Stock Management, Customer Services to Finance and Business Information.” states Chris Williams, Director, ISB Global.

In the last ten years, ISB Global has implemented software in many sub-vertical markets within waste recycling, new energy, and environmental sector. Our software can manage all waste streams, from general waste (trash) to hazardous waste, including commodities such as plastics, paper, metals, construction and organic waste. In addition we have experience with Energy from Waste, Anaerobic Digestion, Bio Fuels and CHP (Combined Heat and Power plants). Our customers span UK, Europe, US, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

“We can deliver software for the end-to-end processes, while also offering experience and leadership around the waste and recycling process, adding value and rapid payback for our customers” adds Chris. “Our deployments of SAP, Waste and Recycling One result in averages of 50 per¬cent decrease in administration processing time, and 30-50 percent increase in data accuracy, delivering quantified value leading to improved profitability.”

ISB Global also offers Smart1World which is integrated to SAP and WR1 for innovation and differentiation around mobile and web platforms. The Smart1World Apps are available on all smartphones and tablets and include service management, customer and supplier portals, logistics planning, driver handhelds as well as document and task management.
The Smart1World solution emulates the Gartner “PACE” Layer Strategy, enabling companies to quickly differentiate, innovate, and deliver against customer expectations profitably.

ISB are launching RiDX and the London Resource Event early 2015. The “Resource Information Data Exchange” is ISB’s ecommerce solution to facilitate electronic communication of the parties in the supply chain. The simple example from Chris is that if a waste broker is able to send electronic messages to their subcontractors, instead of emails, post-it notes and spread sheets there are significant efficiencies to be gained.

Waste and Recycling One also features a full reporting and Business Intelligence suite from SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports. “This complimentary addition delivers enterprise-class functionality, enabling automation of reporting, KPI setting and monitoring, dashboards and visualizations, collaboration and publication tools,” elaborates Chris.

We can implement end-to-end processes from operations to finance, while also offering expertise and leadership in all of the waste and recycling processes

To summarize, ISB Global is deploying an advanced technology platform, end-to-end integration with leading project delivery methodologies in the waste recycling, new energy, and environmental sector. ISB Global is planning on further expansions into the U.S., Central and South America, Europe and then Asia Pacific regions.

“We will keep on delivering the solutions that address the business requirements and provide tangible and quantifiable value to our clients,” concludes Chris.

ISB Global

London, UK

Chris Williams, Managing Director

An SAP Business Partner focusing on Small and Midsize Enterprises with an integrated software solution for the Waste and Recycling Industry.