ISM: Digital Transformation of Your Business Strategy

Barton Goldenberg, Founder and President
There are companies that view digital transformation initiatives as nothing more than sugar-coating workflows and operations with a masquerading bunch of buzzwords referring to the evolving sets of digital toolsets. Such companies will inevitably be among themany companies that are unlikely to see the fruits of a supposed ‘transformation.’ Eventually, their technology investments will underperform and fail to achieve higher returns in terms of market share, customer engagement or even sales and marketing process efficiencies. As the term suggests, digital transformation is a root-level, inside-out initiative which, in this digital age, demands the expert assistance of solution providers that have ‘been there, done that.’ After all, the digital realms are rapidly expanding as they further bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. For more than three decades, ISM has led several enterprises of all shapes and sizes to successfully ride the waves of digital transformation. The company, by positioning themselves as the go-to entity for all-round digital transformation, helps their clients to strategically unlock measurable short-term and long-term transformation goals. ISM’s client onboarding process spans across executive briefings, company health-checks and readiness assessments, customer-centric strategizing, software selection, and implementation roadmaps.

The company’s novel ‘Engaged Customers’ framework helps organizations integrate customer data from disparate online and offline sources such as transactions, CRM, and third-partysources. They then leverage traditional or social media, ecommerce or any emerging technology platform to generate a holistic customer profile by leveraging powerful ‘listening’ and data analytics platforms. ISM’s clients gain a high-level view of their digital transformation position while simultaneously being able to pinpoint routes and measures to secure customer acquisition, retention, and growth. “We ensure digital business processes are solid, change management programs are in place, and the right technology is being leveraged.
We help CEOs, CIOs and other members of the executive team stay ahead of the technology curve by determining which emerging technologies—such as data and analytics, IoT, AI, the cloud, identity resolution—will have the biggest business and customerengagement impact,” says Barton Goldenberg, founder and president at ISM.

ISM’s partnership with a multinational oil and gas entity best exemplifies the company’s digital transformation capabilities. The client wanted to expand their technology leadership with digital engagements, and achieve tighter collaborations between sales reps, customers, and distributors. In support of their digital transformation strategy, they developed and implemented a private (‘branded’) social media community. ISM worked closely with the client’s executive team to determine the best approach to sustain technology leadership. The company held executive workshops to prepare the executive team for a digital initiative, which helped the client overcometheir concerns over sharing information with their distributors and customers. ISM built a robust communication program to ensure community growth from internal users, distributors, customers, and partners. ISM also facilitated SME process workshops, locked down content areas, secured and trained internal SMEs, targeted initial users, and launched the community. “Successful digital transformation means being proactive, collaborative, innovative, empowered, and customer-centric, moving toward a more digital and tech-centric culture,” adds Goldenberg.

In a nutshell, ISM brings to the table proven digital transformation implementation methodologies and support,a metrics-based approach to drive successful outcomes, and 100% objectivity as to technology vendors and implementation partners.The company’s success streak with world-class, global B2B and B2C organizations is a testimonial to theirability to helpenterprisesat any stage of theirdigital transformation journey including activity design, vendor selection, and implementation of new technologies and/or the re-engineering of legacy systems. “To maintain our digital transformation leadership position, we constantly challenge ourselves and our clients to see the potential that the digital age can bring to their business in ever expanding ways and collaborate with the top experts from our internal team, clients and best-in-class technology partners.” concludes Goldenberg.


Bethesda, MD

Barton Goldenberg, Founder and President

The company helps their clients to strategically unlock measurable short-term and long-term digital transformation goals