iSP3: Optimizing Business Processes Using EnterpriseOne

William Liu, Senior Partner
William Liu, the Senior Partner of iSP3 is a person who thinks differently from his peers. “It is better to be an expert in a specific area than being jack of all trades,” he says. “When we started the company in 2001, we knew that there are many implementers who try to be everything to everyone. We tend to have one focus; the focus on what we believe is the best ERP solution in the market,” conveys Liu. This determination proved extremely successful and today, iSP3 is a leading platinum Oracle partner, providing software consulting service of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solution.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a single integrated ERP application used by the enterprises that are involved in manufacturing, construction, distribution, and services; addressing the fields like finances, CRM, human capital, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, projects, sales, service, and asset lifecycle business needs with analytics and reporting. Having over 65 modules for comprehensive process integration regardless of business size and geography; it provides a flexible and integrated architecture that lowers the ongoing cost of ownership. Whether it’s for full implementation support, upgrade, enhancement, customization, or software training; iSP3 works with the clients to manage risk, avoid disruption of business, and ensure that they get the most out of software investment in the Oracle spectrum.

iSP3 engages with numerous companies that have finite IT resources and competing business priorities that look for a solution they can implement quickly, and will adapt to their distinct processes without significant customization. “In other words, they look for a solution that allows them to do more for less,” says Liu. iSP3 works closely with their clients to provide a clear picture of best practices and processes specific to their industry and offers consulting expertise in the areas of System Administration, Configurable Network Computing (CNC), Application configuration, Customizations, and Report Writing. The company follows a proven methodology for new implementations and upgrades that won’t disrupt the client’s business processes.
Many companies, devoid of proper internal resources and huge budget, use iSP3 to bring greater interoperability between various business processes. Moreover, before providing any code fixes to the client, iSP3 runs tests in its lab to make sure that the solution is free from any future adverse affects. Citing an example is a large Canadian construction firm that ran into a Go Live issue which required an immediate code fix to avoid delay. iSP3 did not lay down the code directly into their clients environment due to its complexity as it could raise a risk of not addressing the issue properly or worst, cause adverse effects in other areas of the system. iSP3 downloaded the fix into their own lab, thoroughly tested the new code to make sure it addressed the issue at hand without impacting other areas of the system before putting down the fix at the client site. This greatly reduced the risk for their client.

We can finish an implementation at a fraction of the time and cost by using Oracle’s and iSP3’s Accelerated Implementation Solutions and methodology that provides industry best practices and processes

With custom solutions like the above that deliver functionalities to address specific business requirements, iSP3 serves Asset Intensive industries such as Mining, Construction and Oil and Gas sectors that generally demand more than just “out of the box” solutions. With their success, iSP3’s has not restricted itself to Canada, but has also executed implementations in other countries like Eastern Europe, North and South America, and even in Africa. Liu concludes by saying that “We aspire to expand the business into uncharted territories while blending with the rapidly changing technology environment to stay relevant in the market.”


Vancouver, Canada

William Liu, Senior Partner

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