IT Automation: End-to-End Test Automation for Faster Delivery

Ravi Sumanam, COO
Enterprises carry out various steps including continuous improvements, reliability and safety measures to successfully launch software in the market. However, most companies are facing the challenge of assuring quality and delivering the product within the strict deadlines amidst resource and technology demands. In the process, organizations are implementing a series of approaches aligned with Agile delivery and test automation frameworks for auditing the quality of processes and products and ensuring faster delivery. Cary, NC based IT Automation enables end-to-end test automation frameworks and provides delivery solutions with industry based standards, training and technical mentorship with scalable automated test designs in systems development for high product quality. “We help clients promote adaptive planning, and embrace continuous improvement techniques for effective solution delivery with application of test automation strategy and fastest time to market,” elucidates Ravi Sumanam, COO, IT Automation.

The company applies conceptual manual test efforts in test data creation, data mining, test scenario identification, writes test cases for Agile functional requirements, performs test execution and documentation of test results for client review and acceptance. “Our approach is to meet the Definition-of-Done by performing steps in verification and validation testing based on acceptance criteria,” explains Sumanam. Once the acceptance criteria is met by manual efforts and ensuring functionality is working as expected, users can proceed to the next steps for system integration testing and test automation readiness.

Test automation tools are selected after carefully understanding the client’s requirements and getting the maximum benefits from the applied resources. “Providing strategies for solving organizations’ most pressing needs, we perform technology assessments and product evaluations creating a selective approach on the automation tools to incorporate,” says Sumanam. To ensure this, facilitated workshops are conducted to bring the best model in utilizing automation resources considering impediments in the process. “We take initiatives along with a disciplined approach to build, train and implement strategic automation techniques to maximize productivity,” adds Sumanam.

Our approach is to meet the Definition-of-Done by performing steps in verification and validation testing based on acceptance criteria

“Our teams provide best practices on 4X to help clients improve test automation techniques for faster path to market.”

IT Automation has helped a number of clients leverage test automation techniques in a cost effective manner with complete flexibility. “We have specialized to match strategic alignment of teams with investment focused planning to simplify their financial and human resources,” explains Sumanam. For instance, the Quality Engineering (QE) organization at CME, required candidates with software engineering degrees, experience with highly available, highly scalable architectures and financial industry. IT Automation delivered a customized talent solution for CME’s needs, “We teamed up with CME to understand the variety of projects coming down the pipe and built a resource and skills requirement matrix,” states Sumanam. The company put together a sourcing and screening method to identify and qualify people with the required backgrounds. The customized solution enabled CME’s QE organization to meet and exceed commitments for rapid, high quality product releases. As a result, CME released frequent updates to their electronic trading platform and continued providing cutting edge solutions for risk management.

Keeping pace with the upcoming technological trends, IT Automation implements a collaborative and real-time approach in its test automation techniques. The company will vest its focus on Integrated Development Environment (IDE) including Agile, SAFe and lean processes to enhance its solutions. “Our highest priority is to build on the 4X foundation to satisfy customers through early and continuous delivery of valuable software,” concludes Sumanam.

IT Automation

Cary, NC

Ravi Sumanam, COO

Enables end-to-end test automation frameworks ensuring high quality with innovative and scalable automated test designs in systems development.

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