IT Global Services: Human-Centric Approach to Solving Operational Challenges

Venus Sharma, VP
In the wake of the ever-growing disruptions in digital technologies, business are calling for faster and more connected IT management to enhance operational capabilities without exceeding their human resource and budget allocations. They want their IT infrastructure to be in perfect working condition so they can focus on business operations, without interruptions.

This is where IT Global Services comes in. Businesses from various industries depend on the all-embracing IT road map and transparent project execution capability of IT Global to revamp their corporate technology infrastructure. Industry best practices enable clients to optimize and modernize their IT systems and easily achieve business goals. Streamlined, one-channel communication ensures quick and seamless collaboration between IT teams and clients.

“Our team of industry specialists works around the clock to provide high-quality technology solutions and services with the help of our qualified engineers,” says Venus Sharma, vice president of IT Global Services.

A conventional workflow involves allocating IT services to a chain of vendors. The communication gap between these vendors often slows the project turnaround time and hinders business processes. With IT Global Services, the key stakeholders, including the client, the reporting manager, or the engineer, can use theunified channel to track and ensure project objectives are met within the given time frame. This results in real-time updates, accurate responses, and quicker turnarounds. Issues are resolved in a fraction of the time it once took.

IT Global Services takes the necessary time to properly assess, client issues. Whether they have a global presence or require services in specific locations,issues with their current IT management approach are identified,and appropriate resolutions are facilitated. After a thorough discussion of the pain points, IT strategies are created based on effective results that suit client requirements. Flexible in its pricing, IT Global Services takes into consideration the client’s budget constraints and customizes the pricing accordingly.

IT Global Services treats every client equally, respecting and valuing them whether they area company with 500 or 50,000 people. It has engineers from across the globe, along with regional engineers aware of local rules and regulations. The local presence of engineers gives an edge to IT Global Services for having more control over the project and minimizing vendor leads.
The benefits of IT Global services can be seen in one instance when Johnson & Johnson had to install an Ixia bypass in 180 locations worldwide within six months. They were looking for a vendor who could be a global provider with a single point of contact. IT Global Services stepped into the picture and implemented the specified IT solution for all locations. It also scheduled site visits and lined up primary and backup engineers for each site. Following system installation, business executives of the particular branches were emailed with relevant details. IT Global Services managed to deliver project objectives ahead of the deadline while meeting all client expectations.

Through integrated, dependable, responsive, and costeffective solutions, IT Global Services prioritizes providing great value to clients. During the past decade, IT Global Services has partnered with numerous small, medium, and large organizations, to help them overcome difficult business challenges.

A few of the Fortune 500 clients that IT Global Services has worked with are Philips for a SD-WAN project with 250 sites worldwide, Johnson & Johnson with 180 sites globally, Delphi with 100 wireless sites worldwide, Michael Page with 180 sites worldwide, Siemens Gamesa with 220 networks, and 115 Win 10 migration sites. IT Global Services has proven to be the single point of contact for global locations, with 24/7/365-day coverage.

Our team of industry specialists works around the clock to provide high-quality technology solutions and services with the help of our qualified engineers

IT Global Services has received ISO certification for consistently meeting customer requirements with quality service and an outstanding security management system. It also has registered partnerships with Vmware, Aruba SD-WAN, Audio Code and WatchGuard.

The firm’s approach is based on various quality management principles, including a strong customer focus that ensures the smooth transition and ongoing service provision of new and existing businesses and services.Having set itself apart among technology service providers, IT Global Services is steadily expanding its base by adding more demographic locations to its services. Moving forward, it aims to extend its footprint to every country.

IT Global Services

Sheridan, WY

Venus Sharma, VP

IT Global Solutions is a leading IT service provider. It offers strategic IT business solutions and services for challenging operational issues across a range of market segments, including retail, healthcare, finance, education, and more. Through integrated, dependable, responsive, and cost-effective solutions, it prioritizes providing great value to clients.

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