iT1 Source: Molding Enterprises with Virtual Environments

Guy Steinbrink, Principal
With multiple servers, operating systems, applications and networks, the IT environment of today has become more complex than ever. To handle such an environment, enterprises require robust IT infrastructures that scale up to business demands. However, finding such a solution with limited budget is often a Herculean task for CIOs. “At iT1, we work with our customers to define solutions which meet the business needs by leveraging technologies such as virtualization allowing efficiency, adaptability, scalability, and most importantly, sensibility in their business operations,” says Guy Steinbrink, Principal, iT1.

Headquartered at Scottsdale, Arizona, iT1 leverages network virtualization solutions to manage and streamline the entire infrastructure. As CIOs perceive to use the IT environment with new concepts, virtualization is one of the ways to enhance the stability of the infrastructure vigorously. “However, along with more effective control and protection, the abstraction of the virtual network, storage, server, and desktop environments from underlying physical hardware can also introduce vulnerabilities,” notes Steinbrink. Focusing on these areas, iT1 analyzes the entire ecosystem and performs the virtualization assessment to showcase the full utilization of the infrastructure. “Storage and virtual environments are our key focus, where we engage in discussions with clients and underpin the network of the infrastructure,” states Steinbrink. With storage being a key part of virtualization, iT1 deeply examines many storage features and functionalities within a virtualization platform to provide better performance.

iT1 serves a number of industries ranging from education, government, financial, healthcare, oil and gas and utility.
For instance, a large nationwide Real Estate management company was on the verge of transforming their infrastructure to a virtual system to enable easy access to their end users. By joining hands with iT1, the client initiated the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) project, with a notion to increase the number of users. iT1 incorporated additional features and functionality into the client’s infrastructure, which enabled the end users to access the in-formation virtually and on their mobile phones. The VDI infrastructure solution addressed all the business challenges of the client, as well as provided a secure environment with better performance.

“We believe in breaking down business practices into individual objectives for relevant certifications and authorizations. This enables our customers to achieve business goals” hares Steinbrink. This is one of the key differentiators of iT1 that enables them to outshine competitors in the virtualization landscape. IT1 is a keen follower of flat organizational system which facilitates them to communicate more transparently among its employees. Moreover, the company prides on its strong partnerships with some of the leading technological firms that empower them to grow, evaluate market conditions and readily adhere to changes and new technology trends. “After tasting success in this landscape, we would like to continue our journey at the same pace and make our partnerships stronger,” concludes Steinbrink.

Storage and virtual environments are our key focus, where we engage in discussions with clients and underpin the network of the infrastructure

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Guy Steinbrink, Principal

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