ITCabarique: New Levels of Performance, Security, and Availability

Martin Cabarique, CEO
Reducing the complexity of information systems’ infrastructure for saving operational cost while improving the quality and reliability of services securely was once an everyday challenge for CIOs. But with the dawn of cloud computing, organizations across the globe are leveraging its potential as a life changer for CIOs who were in search of an opportunity for efficiently and securely reducing IT operational costs. Born in the cloud era, ITCabarique aims at ensuring the correct operation of information systems—an imperative for every organization today. Committed to the progress of technology, the company assists organizations in harnessing the power of Oracle cloud solutions by enabling them to have their Oracle Databases in both Oracle Cloud and on-premise. With a focus on meeting highest operational requirements along with maintaining the maximum levels of performance, productivity, and security, ITCabarique has created dbFlashCopy, a database replication-software that makes the cloud no longer a trend but a reality for customers. The company’s dbFlashCopy, Oracle Database and Middleware platform management services, and the Oracle Cloud offerings combinedly form the pillars for the projects that are focused on improving availability and protection of information in case of disasters or cyber attacks.

Martin Cabarique, CEO, ITCabarique opines that professional services and Infrastructure as a Service are the keys to improving the technological environment of companies. The valuable partnership with Oracle has enabled ITCabarique to reach accounts of all types, allowing the team to expand its capacity to reach more customers with the benefits of operational savings and greater reliability on infrastructure. ITCabarique’s services in conjunction with SPARC and ODA solutions have managed to improve response times in orders of higher magnitude by 500 percent for projects with on-premise components. With a team of engineers well-versed and having highest certifications in the Oracle industry, ITCabarique strives to be the finest provider of Information Technologies on Oracle base. Moreover, this enables ITCabarique to distinguish itself by providing more value than its competition for delivering results with exceptional quality and in a shorter time.

Born in the cloud era, ITCabarique assists organizations seamlessly harness the power of Oracle cloud solutions

Since its inception, ITCabarique has assisted a wide array of customers across the globe leverage the potential of Oracle solutions. Illustrating the company’s solutions Cabarique explains an instance when they helped Automotores de la Sierra business group in reducing information loss. Each of Automotores de la Sierra business group’s companies has its own data center, licenses, and DBAs. With its general manager, Ing Santiago Martín Sevilla, ITCabarique structured a project to unite all its databases in a single and similar consolidation with the application server. Projected savings account for more than 50 percent of the current investment costs in their data centers. This, together with replication with dbFlashCopy, brought the business group the reliability and mitigation of information loss risks that were seeking to achieve.

ITCabarique is a young company formed by experienced Oracle consultants, tested in numerous projects of various complexities and with a broad vision of the needs in Oracle information technology. “We have grown 100 percent annually, and we are trying to sustain this growth rate for the following years,” says Cabarique. Down the lane, ITCabarique’s strategy is to structure more alliances within the ecosystem of Oracle partners that will allow the company to spread its wings across wider markets. ITCabarique also plans to release dbFlashCopy version 4, with more features to make better use of the Standby database. “In the long run, our vision about of Enterprise Data Centers is a hybrid of Cloud and on-premise technologies where data replication must be. We’re working to build that vision with dbFlashCopy and the best Oracle Services to be part of the change,” concludes Cabarique.


Quito, Ecuador

Martin Cabarique, CEO

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