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CIO VendorJorge Heredia, CIO
In the last 10 years, SOA technological industry has significantly grown, evolved and matured, generating several products on virtualization, security, governance, intermediation, policy application, mobility, cloud computing, and big data, among many others. Developments in these areas have brought significant buzz in the SOA landscape. However, the enterprise architects face many challenges, while integrating the technologies and adopting SOA. “Companies must impose a resistance to change on the service oriented paradigm and there is a lack of personnel training and coaching,” says Jorge Heredia, CIO, ITEHL Consulting. Furthermore, enterprises are also focusing only on the technological segment, setting aside governance, standardization, and architectural design. ITEHL Consulting, a Bogota, Colombia based company has designed an integral solution to manage these challenges under its framework, ITEHL SOA Enterprise Immersion.’

The frame work allows clients to immerse in the SOA culture for the appropriate assessment, governance, design, and implementation of the technological solutions that push growth and corporate competitiveness. ITEHL SOA Enterprise Immersion includes training, assessment, planning, monitoring and control. Furthermore the separated framework provides coaching and mentoring to the IT team and SOA governance area, specifically to follow up the adoption of governance practices, architecture design, and have a defined methodology.

The company also delivers consulting services by leveraging its vast knowledge of the SOA implementations. ITEHL Consulting is focused on advising the clients in adopting the best practices for design and implementation of IT architectures aligned to the needs of the business. In addition, the company offers comprehensive workshops to train professionals for various SOA roles. During the workshops, the IT staff competences are developed, regarding the various SOA roles, like: SOA Analyst, SOA Architect, SOA Developer on Java and .NET, and Specialist on SOA Governance and Security. “The training is done online through a virtual platform,” says Heredia.
ITEHL’s main objective is to support the clients in respect to the adequate choice, design, adoption and governance of all the technological innovations, to ensure the highest return possible on the investment. In one instance, ITEHL’s client, UNIPAGO S.A., had a goal to renew their technological solution that supported their core business. UNIPAGO S.A. faced challenges regarding applications and information redundancy, high integration costs, and the lack of organizational agility. To achieve a better operational efficiency, UNIPAGO S.A decided to adopt the SOA Architecture, and thus approached ITEHL to integrally assess the company’s structure and prevail over the challenges. ITEHL provided training to the IT staff on the areas of analysis, architecture, development, testing, databases, infrastructure, and project management. ITEHL then carried out a SOA assessment process to determine the current maturity level at UNIPAGO. Finally, ITEHL defined SOA governance system and created the governance office. “Currently, UNIPAGO has 70 reusable services, its business and IT staff has matured in the way services are specified, analyzed, and reused,” says Heredia.

For providing such efficient services, “we study and discern the market needs to ensure the highest potential is provided to our clients,” says Heredia.

Moving Forward, ITEHL is focused on being competitive. The company is planning to remain engaged in the improvement of corporate productivity and efficiency for its clients. “ITEHL will innovate and develop software solutions based on the services for several business areas, and also build solutions for SOA planning, governance and automation,” concludes Heredia.

Our integral solution ‘ITEHL SOA Enterprise Immersion’ is designed to manage all the challenges of the businesses in the SOA space

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Jorge Heredia, CIO

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