ITelagen:Unlimited Onsite and Remote Technical Support for Data Backup

John O' Keefe, CEO
Business interruptions–whether acts of nature, man-made or technical glitches–are becoming the norm. Recall the old adage about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure, or in our case, a pound of response. When an unpredicted event strikes and brings everyday operations to a halt, it becomes essential for an enterprise to recover, without affecting productivity. Recovering from such circumstances is often a strenuous and time-consuming process for an organization with a poor Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). Moreover, with trends such as cloud, server and desktop virtualization, the proliferation of mobile devices in the workforce and the growing popularity of social networking as a business tool coming into play, modern management need to rethink the way they plan, test and execute their disaster recovery strategies. “Looking at the Disaster Recovery arena today, it is necessary for an organization to implement services, not just for getting data backed up but also storing data in a place to minimize loss,” says John O' Keefe, CEO, ITelagen.

ITelagen ensures continuous IT operations and fast recovery of mission-critical systems when utilizing the ITelagen Cloud Disaster Recovery Service-even with a complete site outage; the client’s data is protected. The solution allows businesses, especially in the healthcare IT industry, to avoid interruptions in business continuity. “Our disaster recovery services focus on maintaining servers, backing up data, and installing upgrades backed by Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure smooth IT operations and fast data recovery,” explains O' Keefe. Based in Jersey City, NJ, ITelagen has enabled its customers to shift from traditional, complex and time consuming backup methods that replicated data, and delivered delayed recovery processes, to advanced online data backup systems.“We preach and practice the concept of not storing information in the office and to have backup at other locations, enhancing the end user experience,” explains O' Keefe.

The firm’s disaster recovery services have enabled customers to focus on their business by moving the user’s data to a secured location, preventing any data loss.
When there’s a disaster, such as a roof collapsing or a fire in a data center, it does not harm business operations as critical systems are quickly recovered as virtual machines (VMs). With the one-hour SLA option, the VMs are always on receiving replicated data over the wire. This ensures zero downtime for planned system maintenance, upgrades, and outages. The service backs up or replicates your systems to the ironclad ITelagen Cloud. ITelagen’s geo-redundant, top-tier, SSAE 16-compliant data centers help in protecting critical data.

Our disaster recovery services focus on maintaining servers, backing up data, and installing upgrades backed by service-level agreements (SLAs) to ensure smooth IT operations and fast data recovery

“We believe in building business models with the aim of preventing our customer’s IT problems. We have dealt with customers, who are only bothered with storing data, and not creating a backup,” notes O' Keefe. To overcome this problem, ITelagen aims at disaster avoidance, not just disaster recovery. O' Keefe’s expert team has helped many customers with the ransom ware attack by the Cryptolocker Virus which damaged infrastructure security and misplaced data.

The firm has been innovating to provide best of breed services to its clients. “By adopting Solid state RAM drives into our infrastructure, we are focusing on upgrading and staying at the top of the disaster recovery curve,” mentions O’ Keefe. ITelagen plans to focus on expanding the businesses and portfolios they host, from EHR to other verticals, by the end of this year.


Jersey City, NJ

John O' Keefe, CEO

Provider of back-office solutions preventing data loss due to a sudden disaster by storing them in a secure location