ITS Consulting Services: Building a Robust ERP Environment

In the modern day business environment, organizations are on constant look out for ERP solutions that can centralize data from numerous individual systems allowing them to make informed decisions to increase business productivity. In such a scenario, hosted ERP environments offer a more robust platform to aggregate enterprise application data into a single system. In addition, to avoid the upfront capital expense of software licensing, many companies are adopting a SaaS based ERP licensing model. With deep expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Content Management systems, ITS Consulting Services allows companies to move from a siloed data approach to a centralized data repository, accelerating profitability and efficiency. “When our clients couple a solution that runs on the ITS Enterprise Hosting platform with our SaaS based pricing model, clients are not only able to increase their security and data availability, but they are also able to significantly reduce their IT costs,” begins Jeremy Gardner, CEO of ITS.

Unlike other hosting companies that use a ‘one size fits all’ approach, ITS works with each client to design a solution that meets their individual performance, security, and disaster recovery needs. The ITS enterprise hosting environment consists of redundant infrastructures at numerous SOC certified data center locations across the U.S. and abroad that are interconnected by a redundant, private optical backbone. The company also has the ability to replicate a specific, point-in-time consistent group of servers between a one or more of its data centers to achieve Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) of less than ten seconds and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of less than five minutes.

Clients typically have a need for multiple landscapes for development, testing, and production. At times, a new landscape may only be needed for a few days, or to test a specific change. “Because our systems are 100 percent virtualized, we can clone the environment as needed and provide snapshots as roll back points that are often used during development and testing,” says Gardner. ITS can also move the VMs (Virtual Machines) to higher performing servers to simulate production capacity.

As an organization, our strategy is not just to be another vendor to our clients, but a trusted advisor that help our clients overcome IT related roadblocks

Once a client is done with the landscape, it can be downgraded or even deleted, saving the client both time and money. “Likewise, if a client needs to add a server, we can easily add a new VM into their environment in just a couple of hours,” adds Gardner.

ITS has also developed customized solutions that follow business process flow logic and have automated some of the more mundane tasks of data entry. The company’s development team has engineered numerous customizations and custom built Epicor dashboards, reports, and BPMs (Business Process Management). ITS has also used SDKs (Software Development Kits) of Epicor, Dynamics, and SAP to create and integrate legacy applications and business processes into a client’s respective ERP solution. This, coupled with our On Base ECM solution, allows us to fully integrate almost any business process.

“I think the main factor that keeps us ahead of the competition is the reliability we ensure in our hosting infrastructure,” affirms Gardner. Presently, ITS is focusing on expanding its Enterprise Hosting Environment to support additional hosted ERP and ECM solutions. The company has recently added two additional data center locations and has plans to add two more facilities later this year. “As an organization, our strategy is not just to be another vendor to our clients, but a trusted advisor,” concludes Gardner.

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Jeremy Gardner, CEO

ITS provides ERP and ECM consulting, design, installation, hosting, disaster recovery, and software customization services that allow organizations to move from a siloed data approach to a centralized data repository

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