ITS Partners: Enhancing Symantec Functionalities through Automation

CIO VendorWade Wyant, President
Adding more storage is not the solution to today’s data management issues. “The CIOs need to understand what the data is, where it’s at, and why is it important,” states Wade Wyant, President, ITS Partners. While there are technologies that make managing data less challenging, it also requires companies to invest heavily into services, knowledge and skill set. From a data protection perspective, this situation is not very different. “There are technologies that companies can use to encrypt and protect every piece of their data, but they are simply not investing in it,” comments Wade. Such practices are primarily caused by resource allocation issues which force companies to allocate manpower to other important areas rather than encryption and decryption, which is a highly time-consuming process. This problem also extends to the Symantec space where companies tend to not completely leverage the proactive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools from Symantec. Enter ITS Partners—a firm exclusively focused on helping enterprises make the most of their Symantec tools.

The insights and expertise ITS brings to the table go beyond just Symantec products. While the company is adept at designing, implementing and supporting Symantec tools, their real value becomes evident after the implementation of a solution. “We deliver enhanced tools and processes and bring expertise and industry knowledge around integrating and managing the solutions post-implementation,” asserts Wade. Quite often, when a company implements a DLP tool, they will have instances where data would be accessed or transferred illegally. This is where ITS Partners comes in. They have the ability to integrate DLP solutions into the customer’s preferred service manager tool, like ServiceNow, enabling them to continue using their default tools to investigate problems. “This ensures centralization in their Configuration Management Database (CMDB) which they use every day to perform other operations, and streamlines the entire process,” adds Wade.

ITS Partners has been engaging in design, implementation and transformation of Symantec Endpoint Management products for 15 years—they have done some of the largest Altiris implementations in the world.

Our automation provides customers functionalities beyond what Symantec dreamt up for them

The deep technical expertise and knowledge of ITS’ team makes them a frontrunner in this space. Unlike others, the company does not take an agnostic or generic approach to consulting; they are very specifically focused on Symantec solutions. “We have the thought leadership to transform your IT into a truly service-oriented organization,” emphasizes Wade. ITS negates manual processes with automation—all the way from users requesting software from help desks to installing it. With ITS’ automated workflow, the time taken to complete this process and install software using the Symantec toolset is just a few minutes to hours and not weeks. “Our automation provides customers functionalities beyond what Symantec dreamt up for them,” states Wade.

Another void that ITS fills is the lack of good integration modules from software companies like Symantec. When software giants acquire technologies, they rarely integrate those into their own technologies. For instance, Symantec’s Control Compliance Suite is yet to be truly integrated with DLP and Endpoint Protection. In addition, “very seldom do companies integrate with companies outside their own,” observes Wade, referring to Symantec’s lack of an integration module with ServiceNow. Wade and his team address this issue by building workflows and multi-directional integration modules inside Symantec, ServiceNow and Microsoft tools, enabling them to talk outside of each other—without any human intervention.

Looking ahead, “we will be focusing on integration to solve all the cross-platform problems,” reveals Wade. ITS will be investing in making multiple technologies work together inside the data center to better meet the need for integration of different tools, while providing superior automation around the same.

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