ITStaff: Competent Staffing for Agile Project Delivery

Mark Norris, Founder
Along the software development value chain, adept resources, such as project managers, business analysts, developers and other key roles are required for successful project execution. As technology has evolved, the skills needed by these resources have also evolved. The dynamically changing software development environment leaves IT managers challenged when tasked to hire appropriate resources for the projects they undertake in meeting the goals of the business. Founded on the premises of using their combined industry and recruiting experience to provide a better staffing experience for organizations, “ITStaff leads with the message that we take the necessary time to understand an organization’s talent gaps and then find candidates that appropriately fill those gaps,” connotes Mark Norris, Founder, ITStaff.

Serving both clients and technical consultants, ITStaff scouts through a vast pool of professionals, taking necessary steps and effort to analyze each individual and their background, experience, and skill set to match them with apt opportunities. “ITStaff greatly reduces the IT manager’s and candidate’s time spent on the recruitment process by providing a customer experience that’s positive and that does not waste their time,” extols Norris.

Of all the possible challenges that irk busy IT managers, Norris identifies the lack of an organized and timely approach in vetting prospective candidates for application delivery as being foremost. Clients are taxed by manually sifting through resumes to shortlist candidates from staffing agencies, scheduling interviews and oftentimes ending up with candidates that miss the mark. “ITStaff engages with managers, taking care to listen and then sketching an intricate profile for the position,” explains Norris. “This enables our recruiters to accurately vet candidates to find that perfect fit for the role and in turn minimize the risk of a wrong hire for the manager, saving them considerable time and money.”

Norris paints a picture of an ITStaff success story, where their client maintained websites across the globe, complete with regional specific content and dialects.

ITStaff greatly reduces IT hiring manager’s time spent on the recruitment process by providing qualitative staffing support

The client wanted to integrate these websites into a more easily maintained and common portal while continuing to allow for unique regional user experiences. The client partnered with ITStaff to build out the project team and reaped the benefits of a highly skilled and cohesive team of developers, Scrum Masters and other crucial roles necessary to pull off the endeavor. The project resulted in significant year-over-year ROI for the client.

ITStaff’s proficiency extends beyond the recruitment process, where clients realize a track record of optimal performance. Norris recounts a conversation with one of ITStaff’s customers, where the executive stated in amazement that every contractor ITStaff presents to them, they hire and the resulting outcome is projects that come in on time and in many cases under budget; a testament to the quality ITStaff implements into its process.

To maintain precision and quality, ITStaff recruiters are limited on the number of requisitions they work at any given time, insuring there is no compromise on quality. “We’re not inclined to compromise quality in exchange for quantity just to hit metrics for ‘speed to submit’ and other such metrics that could jeopardize our vetting process and our reputation for quality,” states Norris.

With cloud-based applications and the Internet of Things (IoT), ITStaff continues to stay abreast with technological trends to maintain its qualitative edge. What’s more, “Applications geared toward mobility and an enhanced User Experience (UX) are rapidly emerging, pushing ITStaff to continually embrace and shift with technology trends to remain at the forefront of business thinking and strategy,” says Norris.


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Mark Norris, Founder

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