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CIO VendorMukunthan CVS, CEO
A man with a vast industrial experience and understanding of business processes in line with IT advancement, Mukunthan CVS, CEO, ITTI, elucidates the common challenges enterprises face in terms of IT expansion. “With changing economic and business scenarios, customers are being put into a lot of challenges and hardships in keeping pace with the changed IT requirements,” he says.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, ITTI embarks upon its expertise across fragmented Microsoft landscape for quality delivery and longstanding customer association. The company provides consultation and enterprise business solutions to assist their clients complement the existing technologies, capitalize on existing assets and gain higher ROI. ITTI’s solutions and business applications meet end-user expectations while maintaining stride with clients’ IT revolution.

ITTI’s USP lies in their Microsoft platform experience that facilitates the clients to reap the benefits at a faster rate. Describing the company’s efficient service delivery, Mukunthan says, “From the simplest deployment to complex multi-country roll-outs, ITTI has the skills and experience to execute the projects to customer’s delight. Our Global Delivery Network comes together around customer needs.” He further adds, “We have over 130 Microsoft Technology experts, spread across the globe, that bring in unparalleled expertise to make any project a success.” With a well-defined quality processes, world-class delivery standards, deeper technical insights, domain expertise and adoption of Microsoft recommended methodologies; the company plans and implements the solutions.

We have over 130 Microsoft Technology experts spread across the globe to make any project on Microsoft platform a success

A certified Microsoft partner, ITTI concentrates mainly on Enterprise Resource Planning with cost-effective software and restructuring of business processes. The company’s other areas of focus is in business intelligence to monitor and plan business strategy; application management to design and develop innovative business applications; and Database services to monitor and maintain database. ITTI are also experts in infrastructure support and ERP extenders that provide end-to-end retail and hospitality solutions along with tax management.

ITTI’s efficiency in helping clients implement collaboration and productivity applications while maintaining easy migration plans make the company stand ahead in the herd. In addition, the flexible delivery methodology that meets global standards and a stable customer’s association base makes the company distinctive in the competing market. “Our expertise and efficiency significantly contributes in ‘exceeding the customer expectations,” says Mukunthan.

The company’s efficiency can be measured through its success in transforming the client’s IT inflexibility into IT enabled business solutions. For some of its clients, ITTI developed add on tools to automate warehouse management using PDT, Country specific Payroll solution and Fleet management solution using Microsoft technologies that helped cut down clients’ operational cost and improve efficiency while achieving excellent ROI.

Defining the factors that contribute to a vibrant company, Mukunthan points out a blend of skills and expertise in domain that will lead to ‘transformational led’ technology solutions. He believes that the techno-transformations in Microsoft are playing parallel to the present demands.

Going forward, Mukunthan wishes to see ITTI placed into the global map, servicing Microsoft Technologies in near future. “We aim to achieve the desired position by expanding our services outreaching Africa, build a strong integration team and leverage efficient service to provide multiple solutions across multiple platforms and enlarging the technological curve dipping into new verticals,” he says.


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Mukunthan CVS, CEO

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