ITWorksMe: Pushing CDN Boundaries by Spearheading Innovation

Salloum El Dahdaah, CTO
Today’s Content Delivery Networks (CDN) handles more than half of the entire internet traffic. This ushering growth of CDN has transformed the landscape of internet in a better way. It is this very fact that Salloum El Dahdaah, Chief Technical Officer, ITWorksMe, understands to the core. Being at the helm of the company that specializes in CDN services, he and his team of engineers strive to provide their clients with services that are highly result-oriented. Being exceedingly vigilant in matching their clients’ business needs, ITWorksMe provides tailor made CDN services that facilitate media streaming such as real-time audios and videos, internet television, live closed captioning, online texts and many more.

“With internet content brimming till the necks, the content providers, media companies and e-commerce vendors are in constant search of skilful operators who could effectively offload IT traffic and deliver their specific content to audience of end-users,” delineates El Dahdaah. “In spite of much help granted by CDN in this search, there still remains a gap. Today, the main challenge faced by CIOs is the missing link between their requirements and what CDN offers. It is to bridge this gap that our company comes into picture,” adds El Dahdaah. ITWorksMe helps the content providers by understanding their exact needs, while also taking into consideration the various factors such as pricing, supporting, and continuous development throughout the partnership with the clients. “Our company is always excited and committed to network infrastructure optimization in order to deliver best quality service,” asserts El Dahdaah.

Founded in 2009, the company offers a powerful content delivery network namely ITWorksCDN that fulfills the high demand for optimized transfer of media content.By offering latency as low as 0.7ms in its CDN, the company furnishes their clients with live steaming, HD streaming and Video on Demand (VOD) services. These complex services that needs faster connectivity is achieved by connecting their own servers directly to the fiber cables instead of LAN wires. “Our CDN has been designed keeping the latest prerequisites of network in consideration.
The in-built viable traits of our CDN such as load balancing, load checking, system diagnostic, dynamic memory allocation and service monitoring allows us to provide 100 percent service-level agreement (SLA),” explains El Dahdaah. Further, the company’s CDN also consists of robust security modules that combat Hotlinking, a potential threat for network.

The in-built viable traits of our CDN such as load balancing, load checking, system diagnostic, dynamic memory allocation allows us to provide 100 percent service level agreement (SLA)

Additionally, the company capitalizes its CDN in offering a VoD platform. The platform allows the media owners to upload and deliver their content with just few clicks of mouse. This easy delivery of content through smooth and flexible platform makes the task of content owners most easy. “Our platform further includes incremental features such as HTML5 video editor and a ‘Transcoder’ that supports the transfer of any media content to anywhere, any time and any device,” quotes El Dahdaah.

“Although, our CDN and its services such as VoD act as backbone for us but there’s much more to what we do. Our other services include hosting, data storage and recovery, and consultancy services. For everything we do, we allow a win-win situation for both the company and client,” expresses El Dahdaah. The commitment to execute upon every listed feature of their solution and services makes them different from others.

Moving ahead, the company has plans for expanding into both European and American markets. “We look forward to continue adding value to our clients through our extensive range of content delivery services,” concludes El Dahdaah.


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Salloum El Dahdaah, CTO and Dominic Halajian, CEO

The company offers cost-effective CDN solutions and services to tackle the network challenges and render visibility into network.