iVEDiX: An Intuitive Framework for Rich Data Visualization

Rajesh Kutty, President & CEO As companies become more inclined to make data driven business decisions and seek easy access to their internal and third party data sets, they are likely to encounter certain risks that can make data seem overwhelming and complex to handle. With terabytes and petabytes of data pouring into organizations today, IT teams are burdened and decision-makers are frustrated. The big question is—how can big data be presented to business leaders in an easily comprehensible manner? While companies juggle between various approaches to solve the impediment, the answer lies in pairing data with visual analytics, making it relevant and interpretable. By empowering users through novel, user-friendly solutions, Pittsford, NY based iVEDiX offers data visualization, mobile process assessment, 3 D design, and animation services to retail, manufacturing, airline, telecommunication, financial services, and utility markets. T h e firm also provides services such as UI/UX strategies for traditional and mobile solutions, as well as 3D modeling and animation for conventional application and storytelling.

Establishing Credibility through Execution

In a world where real insight begins when people apply domain expertise to a dataset to intelligently query them, it is essential to have the right framework to attain perspicacity. In order to provide a solution for the stickiest of data challenges, Rajesh Kutty, President and CEO of iVEDiX, pioneered the development of miVEDiX—a social media integrated application that amalgamates business data for clients. The platform creates reports and incorporates data visualization—making data easy to access and comprehend. Using sophisticated data configuration techniques, stunning visualizations, and a highly intuitive interface, miVEDiX helps users visualize complex matrices of data. This mobile analytics platform is designed to bring visualization and interactivity to Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics. It combines rich visualizations, sophisticated interface options, and real-time updates to deliver an immersive data discovery experience. “We wanted to bring a couple of unique domains together—big data, mobility, analytics and data visualization. No one has ever made a sincere attempt to try to bring all of that together, and that’s where the future is,” explains Kutty.

According to a KPMG study conducted in 2015, while data and analytics are deemed increasingly important to organizations, generating actionable insights remains a top challenge. iVEDiX’s immense experience in the data visualization arena helps organizations make informed decisions by providing technology-agnostic solutions that allow them to better analyze and manage their data. To help entrepreneurs to access large amounts of data, miVEDiX Analytics Platform serves as a visionary app that offers real-time analytics and comprehensive visualizations; with the agility to adapt to any mobile environment. “Unlike other platforms, miVEDiX analytics has unique data integration as well as intuitive UI and 3D Visualization capabilities,” Kutty reckons.

Through visualization, real-time integration, and an interactive platform, miVEDiX will help you take action from IoT data

The platform’s solution path includes assessments, data, BI, and mobile. The assessment aspect comprises of request for proposal management, business process assessment, and requirements consulting. In the case of traditional BI, there is directed analytics, ad-hoc reporting, dashboard and scorecards, geo-location analysis, and predictive modeling.

High Energy, Out of the Box Perspectives

Having a presence that echoes across the world, iVEDiX is always seeking to add more forward-thinking, high energy out-of-box perspectives to its highly experienced employees. iVEDiX has revolutionized the process of deploying BI solutions by utilizing a truly customer-centric approach. The iVEDiX team invests in understanding the business needs of individual clients so that a structured and custom BI environment can be deployed, thus increasing the bottom line and improving productivity. “Our team is truly global with engagements in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific,” Kutty reckons.

With the zeal to create a next level experience for miVEDiX users, the company uses more than just native gestures. By creating an “Intelligent Visualization Topology Algorithm,” the firm’s interface provides better data quality, intuitively. In one case, The University of Rochester—a premier research institution—faced ever-increasing complexity in managing the data requirements of their facilities. The University turned to iVEDiX for their mobile flexibility platform since it gave them instant access to a lot of information that was conveniently accessible through a tablet. Using miVEDiX’s intuitive interface, iVEDiX crafted a customized solution, miFacilities—where facility managers could examine current projects, estimate costs, personnel assignments, and approval routing schemes.

The end result was a platform that unified the reporting of data from multiple streams, wrapped under an intuitive, graphically-centered interface that uses interface motions like dragging, tapping, and dropping. The game-changing mobile BI platform saved hundreds of person-hours of work and streamlined approvals and processes.

A Forward Thinking Mindset

Combining technical brilliance, artistic flair, and a forward-thinking mindset to create products and service that exceed expectations, the firm’s mVEDiX Tactical serves as a collaborative app for managing intricate business processes. Unlike other platforms, mVEDiX tactical has real-time management, retrofit for existing systems, while also supporting offline activities.
Moreover, with miVEDiX, businesses can also gain mobile access to IoT data in real-time. Workers can monitor real-sensor data across large geographic areas and receive alerts based on their custom thresholds. Managers can also gain the ability to evaluate live data, while coordinating workers in the field toward critical maintenance. “Through visualization, real-time integration, and an interactive platform, miVEDiX will help you take action from IoT data,” Kutty exclaims. Working closely with partners to build a community that supports collaboration and thought-leadership, the firm has helped several global clients overcome their business challenges using its innovative array of solutions.

For instance, VIVA Bahrain—a large telecom provider for the Kingdom of Bahrain—had tremendous demands on their BI infrastructure. As the client expanded their operations, they quickly outpaced their existing data infrastructure. Reports that could not be generated on-site were being outsourced, and data was coming in faster than it could be organized. VIVA tapped iVEDiX to lead them through the challenging process of building a BI solution, managing it, and keeping them relevant. With iVEDiX’s solutions, VIVA experienced strong customer relationships and also received updated reports completed by in-house teams. This presented a tremendous opportunity for VIVA to empower their knowledge-workers as well as drive efficiency. The increased access to information resulted in customer satisfaction, reduced fraud, and strengthened their technical infrastructure—leading to higher profits.

"To help entrepreneurs to access large amounts of data, miVEDiX Analytics Platform serves as a visionary app that offers real-time analytics and comprehensive visualizations"

A Tactile Customer Experience

Kutty’s vision for the platform emphasizes on the importance of a customer’s tactile experience with devices, which can be overlooked in the IT realm. Moreover, iVEDiX team believes that the key to success is establishing credibility through execution, and has been a pioneer in bringing analytics, business intelligence, in a mobile platform. The company is focused on staying abreast with the game-changing progressions in data visualization with its innovative array of solutions.

As the access to data continues to grow and data visualization becomes more prominent, iVEDiX would persist on its mission to be the global data expert and help organizations make better decisions intuitively. “Coupled with our BI offering, miVEDiX will allow us to provide clients even more advanced data analytics and reporting solutions to improve work culture within the organization, as well as collaborate with customers efficiently,” concludes the CEO.


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Rajesh Kutty, President & CEO

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