Ixonos: Smart Asset Tracking to Curb Logistics Bottlenecks

Antti Vuolli, VP, IoT
Manufacturers today heavily rely on technologies to manufacture gigantic machines, ship them across the world and boost sales. However, many manufacturing companies end up losing huge sums of money due to equipment damage while shipping as they lack the know-how to effectively connect and track shipments. “Internet of Things (IoT) is the great way to monitor assets that are in transition,” says Antti Vuolli, VP, IoT, Ixonos. “We help organizations to adopt IoT to connect machines and understand how to track them to boost equipment sales in a fiercely competitive market.” With flagship studios in San Francisco, London, and Helsinki, and having recently established a subsidiary in Canada, Ixonos enables organizations to tap business potential, and benefits on enhanced productivity with its designers, engineers, strategists, and innovators.

“If the assets are not connected to the internet, the price for tracking each asset will be enormous,” points out Vuolli. To negate this challenge and cut down costs significantly, Ixonos has leveraged IBM’s IoT platform, IBM Bluemix, which backs its Smart Tracking solution. The solution helps enterprises to supervise the assets in transition in a smarter way. “We help customers reap the benefits of IBM Bluemix, which is an excellent choice for IoT platform,” says Vuolli.

Through Smart Tracking’s cost-efficient tagging technology, the customers can manage and optimize their large consignment of shipments. The solution helps consumer product companies to minimize the logistics bottlenecks while shipping the products to their customers. “Sometimes, the shipments can get damaged or delayed and the clients end up losing money. Smart Tracking analyzes logistics routes and detects and removes the causes for asset losses and damages,” says Vuolli. All the data or information pertaining to the products or assets is stored on cloud to enable clients use smart devices, desktops or laptops to monitor shipments. “Our tracking tool helps our customers to optimize the fleet size, ease delivery of goods, asset, and availability,” adds Vuolli.

Many clients today look for long term innovative partner to support their transition to a new business model or explore new digitalization opportunities.

We help customers reap the benefits of IBM Bluemix, which is an excellent choice for IoT platform

Vuolli believes in Discover, Design and Deliver (DDD) as a service methodology to support clients throughout their journey of adopting technology or digital transformation. The Discover, Design and Deliver phases open up many opportunities for modern-day organizations in the era of digitalization. “We encourage our clients to spend more time in the Discover phase to help them avoid making wrong technology choices, while at the same time, defining their digital strategies and business needs,” says Vuolli. After the clients define their vision, it is easy for them to understand how to sync IoT or any other new technology to their organizations’ needs.

For instance, Ixonos supported a global energy management company in their digital design process to make their access control and security control systems well optimized.

“We use DDD as a service process to identify pain points and the real issues by using robust technology,” says Vuolli. The customer was able to enhance digital design, user-experience and actual implementation of access control systems drastically.

Unlike many technology-focused companies, Ixonos focuses more on discovering the needs of businesses and tailoring solutions accordingly. The company exploits the benefits of IoT and DDD as a service methodology to identify new business opportunities. In the coming days, Vuolli wishes to see how the horizontal innovation in the industry is going to impact the lives of C-level executives. “We would like to look for ways to exploit innovations and help customers to realize what has been invented elsewhere to automate their operations,” concludes Vuolli.


Helsinki, Finland

Antti Vuolli, VP, IoT

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