IYCON: Flexible Performance Management with IYCON Solutions

Jude Chagas Pereira, CEO
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions available today mostly focus on creating reports using data from Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management. However, ensuring that, the data channels from these sources are streamlined and up to date is a challenge that many CIOs face on a daily basis. “Big data, predictive analytics, cloud-based computing, and other new technology are on the rise, but the ability to integrate internal data for decision support is still evolving,” says Jude Chagas Pereira, CEO of IYCON. The Dubai based company offers a platform via its IYCON PRISE© methodology, which gives users the real-time data to make accurate decisions. “To make informed decisions, our clients need to have accurate management information and the contextual commentary accessible, we make that possible,” begins Chagas Pereira.

Their flagship offering, QPR performance management solution, provides a fast upgrade path from manually maintained, in house built performance reporting to a more flexible performance management environment. “Our solution makes it easier for managers to define their long term strategies and integrate it throughout the company,” says Chagas Pereira. With this solution, users obtain a flexible performance management environment with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), informative dashboards, and automated insightful reports. Available in over 20 languages, the QPR Metrics platform can integrate with the clients’ existing database systems and support both manual and automated data entry. “QPR leverages context-relevant information to deal with non compliance and provides deeper insights into related processes, risks, and projects or initiatives which relate to a single strategic objective,” opines Chagas Pereira.

Apart from QPR, IYCON also offers a number of partner products like M Files and CANEA. “M Files is an ECM product that is designed to deliver documents and other content in contextual relevance and aligns well with delivering meaningful information for strategy execution as part of the IYCON PRISE© methodology,” says Chagas Pereir. M Files is well integrated with other business solutions like SharePoint, Salesforce, and SAP emphasising its in built managing organizational information capability.

Our solution makes it easier for managers to define their long term strategies and integrate it throughout the company

On the other hand, CANEA One is a system that eases the management of business strategies, projects, workflow processes, cases, and documents. The solution offers customizable workflows for many management operations reducing human-intervention with a small footprint.

Over the years, IYCON has been helping many companies improve their performance grading and operations. In one instance, a client in the telecom sector, Du Telecom, needed to upgrade their legacy solutions and create an automated and user friendly performance tracking system. “With our solution in place, Du was able to implement a system that streamlined their data collection processes and helped quality control. The solution also helped in distributing and presenting monthly performance reports,” affirms Chagas Pereira.

IYCON understands the need for a long term strategic partnership that their clients demand to create a road map that spans a number of years. Chagas Pereira holds this as the key factor that has helped the company stay ahead of market competition.

In the near future, IYCON has plans to release a new product called Afterspyre, which would deliver insights from both structured and non structured information. The firm will be selecting a number of U.S. based resellers to market this innovative offering. Afterspyre seamlessly integrates with leading industry tools to provide a number of management analytics, which are currently carried out manually by consultants and analysts. The IYCON Vision 2020 envisages a greater global reach for IYCON, with a target to be the Preferred Strategy Execution Partner for Government and Private Enterprise.


Dubai, UAE

Jude Chagas Pereira, CEO

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