Izenda: Utilizing Metadata to Simplify and Secure Data

CIO VendorSanjay Bhatia, CEO
Today, the issue is no longer about owning the most data, but rather learning insight from huge volumes of data sets and turning it into a real business advantage. To gain more concrete understanding of the opportunities and challenges that data and analytics has to offer, Izenda, a privately held Atlanta-based software company, provides embedded analytics for business applications built on the Microsoft platform. Founded in 2002, the company applies agile software principles and HTML5 technology to give organizations better insight into their data. “Nearly half of one billion people use software applications that are powered by a Microsoft SQL server. We strive to give them all direct, self-service access to their data—without the headaches,” asserts Sanjay Bhatia, CEO, Izenda.

Under Bhatia’s leadership, the company delivers ad-hoc reporting, real-time dashboards, and data visualization to over one million users by embedding into thousands of applications. Izenda offers full spectrum coverage of big data from privacy reports to high resolution visualizations, making users highly interactive with any application interface devices. Their key mission is to create agile business intelligence tools that empower ordinary people to make better business decisions. “We believe in utilizing the power of metadata to create technology that just takes hours and days, rather than months or years to deploy,” says Bhatia. “At Izenda, we define software as the experiences we create for our customers and not just the features in our products,” he adds.

We believe in utilizing the power of metadata to create technology that takes hours and days, rather than months or years to deploy

Izenda provides a web-based reporting solution that uses Ajax to deliver a user-friendly experience. It’s easier for clients, when given the choice, to access their own changes on the web or other mobile devices as it’s quick and works really well with the cloud-based application. The solution also doesn’t require any formal training as they can learn hands-on in a very short period of time. The company’s flagship product, Izenda Reports, is a popular choice for ad-hoc reporting on the ASP.NET platform. “Imagine users creating and customizing reports without involving a developer. We make it fast and simple to integrate beautiful reports and dynamic dashboards into their application, integrating securely with existing infrastructure. This also works with a multitude of data sources, without expensive and timely ETL processes,” explains Bhatia. Thus, with ad-hoc reporting’s Google-like interface for instant, embedded, and secure report generation, Izenda focuses on delivering cost-effective solutions that can be easily utilized by users from even non-technical backgrounds. “This four-dimensional visualization offers a high-end resolution, which is immensely interactive as the user can rediscover the data multiple times,” Bhatia further notes.

The company utilizes its iterative evolutionary design to deliver high-quality software to several Fortune 500 clients in financial services, media, biotech, real estate, and non-profit sectors. Some of their illustrious clients include Oracle, Thomson Reuters, Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, Volvo, and Verizon. One of Izenda’s success stories involves their collaboration with a client for flexible reporting. The client was swiftly able to differentiate with a significant competitive advantage over large competitors, resulting in growing profitability through selling into a higher tier of enterprise customers. This collaboration was quite an achievement as it led to cost savings up to $200,000, powering the client’s market value.

Going forward, Izenda’s focus lies extensively on data visualizations, and Microsoft plays a key role in their endeavors. “Microsoft has been an integral part of our development and a true partner. The resources offered as part of the managed partner program will help us stay ahead of the next step in our development,” concludes Bhatia.


Atlanta, GA

Sanjay Bhatia, CEO

Izenda provides embedded analytics for business applications to deliver ad-hoc reporting,real-time dashboards, data visualization