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Jon Frost, Principal
Gone are the days when moving your corporate documents into the cloud and into a Sharepoint online intranet, was a pain due to the complications that arose from it. Factors such as security of the cloud intranet, system networks being effective in executing legal requirements related to Records Management, Accessibility, and Security were the usual suspects. In addition, companies had to ensure that its workforce received the proper education that enabled them to efficiently foster optimal and seamless workflows of the latest computational architecture.

All that changed, Jack Frost Design (JFD) had a big part to play in it. For organizations seeking to gain access to a superior SharePoint online Intranet, JFD, a firm that builds award-winning SharePoint Portals and Intranets that are self-training and self-supporting provides them with a new systems environment that is digitally “Organized, Accessible, and Secure.”

“Even after a decade of SharePoint implementations, companies lack a complete understanding of the technology, and end up in situations comparable to getting an elephant through the door of a commercial plane,”smiles Frost. For sixteen years, JFD, a Microsoft SharePoint Partner and Service Provider, has been successfully delivering SharePoint integration solutions to its clients. “Many organizations design their intranet without ever having seen a “good” one. They often design it without even understanding what SharePoint is capable of doing,” comments Frost. The vast majority of these companies deploy SharePoint by giving sites to middle managers (with little or no training), and the lackluster approach by most companies resulted in a sprawling operational and legal liability that required additional costs to rectify. Without proper estimation and analysis, usually, a problem that occurs after a failed intranet optimization implementation is that the substandard structures are just deleted and rebuilt from scratch delivering the same mediocre results. “This situation was so common that we developed a series of services to address the three most common problems. We call them SharePoint Interventions, Prevention, Cure and Migration,” says Frost.

The SharePoint interventions approach starts with training the users on SharePoint while including an analysis of blueprints of successful intranets from other client organizations. “Bad intranets do not have to be destroyed, they can be repaired,” says Frost. JFD’s Cure is a program that analyzes a failed environment, identifies the areas of value, and rearranges the content to meet the actual goals of the organization. Whereas, Prevention is used to design an intranet to meet the needs of an organization by following a proven plan that avoids common pitfalls. Sponsors and SMEs are trained at the beginning of the process, and then goals and scope are established. Migration, the final piece of JFD’s SharePoint Intervention Platform is very similar to Cure with the exception that the result of the cleanup and consolidation is delivered into a new Intranet in the Microsoft cloud.

Bad intranets don’t have to be destroyed, they can be repaired

While the solutions bring poor SharePoint implementation into client organizations, JFD understands that the journey does not end at this point. Many mature organizations have come to understand that they require a formidable team that includes a SharePoint architect, a records manager and a business analyst to build a project; the problem they face is investing in these individuals as full-time employees. JFD solves this issue by providing clients with this temporary expertise as part of Interventions. Besides, strengthening an organizations intranet, JFD also provides the training and technical support to users via curriculums composed of short on-demand videos delivered through the intranet itself. “Since SharePoint 2010, JFD has been delivering a solution called “IAssist” which deploys a training and support site into the intranet,” explains Frost. JFD’s professionally scripted video training site is often expanded to cover unique client requirements; at times, the videos are even re-recorded in the client environment to enhance employee adoption.

To complete the entire process of an organization’s migration to a SharePoint Online Intranet, it is essential that they analyze and consolidate their information to separate the data that will be imported to the new cloud storage base. “Failing to remove redundant, outdated and trivial content before moving to the cloud will produce ineffective and expensive results,” states Frost. To streamline this identification and consolidation process for clients, JFD creates a “Content Inventory” linked to a “Site collection Blueprint” of a clients existing intranet. The pair of documents list all stored content (documents, lists, libraries, and sites), and categorically sorts the data by activity level (active, inactive for three years and inactive greater than three years). The approach allows a client firm’s management to easily identify the material they need to retain and organize. Converting this task from an administrative nightmare to a simple management review has saved hundreds of working hours and ensured that their new Cloud Intranet is efficient and effective from the start.

Having amassed almost two decades of experience in the SharePoint intervention and implementation realm, JFD feels that it can best serve clients by providing a set of core competencies focused on quickly classifying current environments, facilitating a move to the cloud, implementing effective records management and automating SharePoint training and support. “We are “Professionally Paranoid” about the work we provide our clients and truly care if the results of our efforts become a long-term asset for the organization,” concludes Frost.

Jack Frost Design

Rocklin, CA

Jon Frost, Principal

JFD designs and offers a platform called SharePoint Interventions— Prevention, Cure, and Migration—for clients to create and deploy a SharePoint online intranet that is Organized, Accessible, and Secure

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